Yoga Tips For Absolute Beginners

Hey Damsels! Are you interested in trying yoga and just not sure where to begin? Are you stressed to the max and just looking for a healthy way to decrease stress and anxiety? Have you been promising yourself you would give yoga a try? Need some tips on where or how to begin your own … Continue reading Yoga Tips For Absolute Beginners

Making Sacrifices for Self-Employment

I was feeling like I may go into Financial Distress.YES! The Head Damsel in Distress has been feeling the heat! The same woman who wrote about Marrying Your Savings Plan, Getting Your Financial Life and Hiring Yourself stresses about having too much month at the end of the money. Since I believe in authenticity, I've comprised a list of things I've had to sacrafice in order to continue living comfortably. (Comfortably is a term used VERY loosely here. This SHIT SUCKS sometimes! Buts its a cost I must pay to be the boss & live out my dreams!)