Contributor’s Corner

Hi I am Tishawna,

But you can call me T or “Shawna The Don” is what my circle calls me!

I grew up in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania & have lived here the majority of my life. I love to read, workout and laugh … a lot!

I love to learn from other people’s success stories & I’m going to SHARE IT ALL! 

I’ve always wanted to be a princess (still do!) but the world I was raised in was anything less than castles and curtesies. I chose reading as an escape and writing as a platform to express myself.

I’m the queen of indifference with a passion to promote self-love & elated to be writing for

Damsel NO Distress Onboarding Meeting

What is it that I bring to the table?

I am glad you asked! I am a graduate of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, a true Husky at heart. The information I provide is juicy, relevant & relatable. For those who are looking for tips on entrepreneurship, self branding, motivation and inspiration. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.