Perks of Homeownership

Being a single homeowner may sound scary but it can also be really rewarding. I've compiled a list of perks if homeownership. 1. Pride 2. Tax Breaks. 3. Capital Gains Exclusion 4. Equity is like a savings account. 5. Cheaper than rent.


50|20 Budget Rule

Budget using the 50\20 Rule: 50% fixed living expenses, 20% financial goals, 30% lifestyle.

Spending: Why You Should Sweat The Small Stuff

OK Damsels its time to get your finances in formation!!! Today we're going to tackle the number one reason why you ain't got no money in the bank ... Your S P E N D I N G !  Spending on small purchases has a tendency to have a snowball effect. At first its just $7.32 on … Continue reading Spending: Why You Should Sweat The Small Stuff