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Hi I’m Kae!

About: Kae Cureton Head Damsel In Charge

I hale from the great state of Pennsylvania. I enjoy empowering women,  long cold weather runs and tall cups of dark coffee. More importantly, I STILL BELIEVE IN FAIRY TALES!  My only qualm with fairy tales is the notion that a damsel needs saving.

I started DamselNODistress after I found myself with no real plan of how to get my life to look like I always imagined it would be & no resources created for me. I spent far too much time in distress searching and digging for inspiration to get myself together & in the midst of my (then) distress, I came across a pin that read: Be who you needed when you were younger!

This blog is dedicated to Damsels who are pulling themselves out of distress & the SHEroes who refused to wait around to be saved.

I needed a sacred space where women (particularly women of color) can be empowered & celebrated not just one month out of the year. I needed a place where we can learn from one another, share our journeys and feel comfortable discussing any and all topics & so that is exactly what I’ve strived to create.

My mission is to help women like me who are stumbling through adulthood, learning from their mistakes, messing things up and healing their way forward Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember, NO Distress!

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