Sweat:Yoga For Serenity

Hey Damsel! 

My last yoga post did so well I’ve decided to run it back. This time, with a Christian Twist. When I was drafting this article, I wanted to focus on using more traditional yoga terms. But as I researched a sequence geared toward beginners, that can help you relax, I realized a lot of the terms/words were both foreign & familiar to me spiritually. As a result, I stepped away from my practice a bit. Because the scriptures warn us of familiar spirits. I didn’t know if when I was chanting I was calling the devil. So I had to chill.

Traditionally, yog is a physical mental and spiritual practice.

Then my anxiety flared with my workload increasing so something had to give. I remember meeting a Christian Yoga Instructor when I was working at Kickstart 2019 with Black Girl Health. So I decided to try searching for “Christ-Centered Yoga Routines.” This sequence is designed to help alleviate anxiety & stress and draw you closer to the Lord. Its also a beginner sequence, low impact and a slow return to the map. Grab your mat and click the share links below to make sure your bestie can read it too!

Yoga For Tranquility

  1. Standing Forward Bend
  2. Seated Forward Bend
  3. Pigeon Pose
  4. Lizard Pose
  5. Mountain Pose

Remember: take your time, focus on your body alignment and breathing. If something hurts or is too difficult, modify and/or move on!

Inhale: peace, tranquility, strength, and discipline.
Exhale: chaos, distractions, anxiety, & depression.

*Hold each post for 3-5 seconds. *Allow your mind to stay on the present. *Allow thought and worries to drift away.

At the close of this sequence, I like to recite the serenity prayer while in the Mountain Pose.

What self-care practice do you use to alleviate stress and anxiety and to be more at peace?

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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