couch to 5k

Are You Ready To Build Your Running Base?


After 12 weeks you will be able to run 3 miles, without stopping.

build a run base

I designed this running series with a Damsel like you in mind. This program is for Damses who:

  • Are ready to get off the couch and on the road.
  • Want to fall back in love with running.
  • Have recently recovered from an injury and want to start back slow.
  • Are former student-athletes and frustrated with not being able to push their bodies to their former limit.
  • Are just looking to get back in shape.
This running program is designed to help you build up a running base of 3 miles.
In 8 weeks you will be able to run 3 miles in a single workout!

What You (Might) Need

Here are the things that I used for this work out: a smartphone, a good playlist, earbuds, the interval timer app, comfortable running shoes, a reliable sports bra, a sweat towel, and a water bottle.

PRO TIP: For super hot days you plan to be running outside. Fill a water bottle up halfway and place it in the freezer on its side. Before your workout, fill the remainder of the bottle with water. By the time you need to hydrate you will have a cool bottle of ice water.

What You Actually Need

Do not allow those THINGS above to deter you. You don’t NEED any of those things to get started. You just need shoes comfortable enough to run in, a sturdy sports bra, a bottle of water, and the will to finish.

Interval Timer App Set-Up.

If you’re using the interval timer app; set-up is relatively easy. Use the following settings for week one: 10-minute warm-up; 5 sets of interval cycles: low intensity 1 minute, high intensity 2 minutes; checkbox for repeat cycles, choose 2 interval cycles; rest time (between cycles) 2 minutes; cool down 10 minutes. If using the interval timer, listen closely to the app’s notifications. An alarm will sound to indicate its time for the workout to start, finish, to change interval intensity, and when its time for a break. The sound of each alarm can be programmed. You can tinker with this during set up. Make sure you finish all the way through to the last bell!

The Workout

Now that your timer is set up you are ready to start your workout. The workout takes about 50 minutes to complete and has 4 parts: the warm-up, the run, the brief break, and the cool down. Your run will only be for about 30 minutes, it will be challenging at first so don’t get discouraged if you can’t run the entire minute.

When you feel like you can skip one of the low intervals and go right to the high interval do what you think and feel is best. Just don’t stop moving until the 30 minutes is over.
>>>> add: this is a 30 min workout

The Warm-Up (10 Minutes)

The purpose of the warm-up is to get your body ready to workout. So take it easy during the warm-up. For the first five minutes don’t focus on running fast or hard just focus on keeping your body moving at a low-intensity. Focus on taking even breathes in and out during the start so that you can remain focused on it throughout the run. As you move, your muscles will get warmer. This is where you will want to stop and do some dynamic stretches.

The Workout

After the warm-up is completed your skin should feel balmy: not too sweaty but not dry either. Your muscles should feel flexible and limber. During the high-intensity interval, focus on your breathing, lifting your knees, and the cadence (how quickly each foot hits the ground). During the low-intensity interval focus on your breathing and keeping your feet moving. Although this is a low-intensity workout, there is still a level of INTENSITY that should be applied. Don’t totally crawl on the low-intensity portion if you can help it. When you become fatigued, focus on moving your arms back and forth. As long as your arms are moving your feet will move too!

The Cooldown (5 minutes)

During the cooldown, you should focus on maintaining low-intensity movements for at least 5 minutes. You don’t want to finish a workout and then just sit right down, it could lead to cramping and decreased flexibility. This workout can be completed with a combination cooldown of a light trot with static stretching. After 30 minutes of running your muscles should be on fire and very malleable. This is where you get can get all bendy. If you want to get fancy you can add in a yoga routine. Check out my yoga workout here.

Final Tips

This workout is designed to be challenging but not difficult. You should be able to speak conversationally, on the high-intensity/run portions. Don’t crawl all together on the low intensity/walk portions. & for the love of all things beautiful… NEVER skip the warm-ups nor cooldowns. This is where you gain all your flexibility!
Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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