Top Secrets For A Total Body Transformation

Hey Damsels

As the hot girl summer comes to an end and I review the footage, I almost can’t recognize myself.

It took me YEARS to reach my body goals! If you’re following me on social media, you know, I’ve had a total body transformation. Since it was a Hot Girl Summer, I have not been shy about sharing photos of my travels & there has been no shortage of bikini pics! Something I seldom did in the past despite loving my curves.

Work Work Work Work Work Work

I don’t just want to share my before and after pictures without being 100% honest with you. It took a lot of work to get here. Don’t get me wrong, a total body transformation can be achieved in just a few months. But for me, my body type, and my commitment level; it took me years to get this far. Not only did I have to change my daily routine by packing my lunch, walking and exercising. I also had to change my relationship with food. Not only what I ate but also how I was eating. Yet, that work is trivial in comparison to the work I had to do internally.

The number one thing I had to do was improve my relationship with myself.

Although I LOVED my curves. I did not love how I looked in photos. I did not like being unable to find my size in retail stores. I especially did not love how my body felt after a long run. So my motivation to get fit was primarily vanself-talkd to unlearn a lot of negative behaviors. Like negative self talk as a result of not reaching my goals. Like comparing my body to others. I also had to take it easy getting back to my old fitness routines.

workout series-6

In 2015 I joined the staff of In my time working for the site I’ve learned so much about health and wellness. I have also been blessed to meet so many wonderful women. Farah M. Green serves as the BGH web content manager, she is also the founder of Thick, Bold & Healthy. Her platform teaches women how to embrace their curves and master their health through wellness and nutrition. After sharing my journey of weight loss with her, she asked me to be on her podcast. The Body of Gold PodCast features guests and experts that have improved their body image, built confidence and are helping more women do the same.

You can listen to my featured episode HERE.

Let’s be real for a second…

As women, we find ourselves constantly comparing our bodies to Beyoncé, JLO, Halle Berry or any celebrity that may match our #bodygoals. But the truth is our body isn’t our job like some of the artist that we may see in mainstream media. The Founder of, Kae Cee breaks down why women are most critical of themselves and not realizing that their beauty comes from within.

You can now listen to The Body of Gold Podcast episode HERE.

10 Secrets For A Banging After Picture

The journey from before to after photo shouldn’t be a mystery. It took me years to get it together. Want to eliminate the yo-yo results? Renew your commitment to your body goals. Below I share my secrets for a total body transformation.

  1. Improve Self Love:
    Be gentle with yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint.🏁 Love on your body as it goes through its changes. Focus on how you feel instead of a number on a scale. Can you fit your jeans better? Do you feel healthier?
  2. Stop 🛑 eating trash food.
    This includes fast food, dairy, red meat, fried foods, foods with a lot of added salt and/or sugar. Trying to avoid these pitfalls mainly leaves you with fruits, veggies, whole grains, seafood/fish, and water.
  3. Increase ⬆️ water intake to 💯 oz a day.
    Experts say you should be drinking at least half of your weight in pounds, in ounces of water per day. This means if you weigh 150lbs you should be drinking 75 ounces. For an idea of how much water 100 ounces is, a gallon is 128 ounces.
  4. Walk on your breaks & lunch.
    If you want your body to be different and think you don’t have to change anything about your lifestyle, you are mistaken. Making small lifestyle changes like parking in the back of the lot, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and exercising on your breaks makes a huge difference in your journey. If you’re walking on your break you don’t have time to veg out on unhealthy snacks.
  5. 💚 Drink Green Shit juices/smoothie daily.💚
    Making green smoothies and juices is a great way to sneak in a healthy serving of fruits and veggies. Personally, I prefer them as a breakfast replacement especially when I am busy. I can mix a smoothie up quickly and drink breakfast on my way to start my day. Drinking smoothies is also a great way to cheat and replace other meals of the day as well.
    Listen, just like when you wake up your lips are dry, so are your insides. Get a nice tall glass of water to hydrate your ashy intestines! This also helps to improve blood flow and prepare your body for digestion of your first meal of the day. Want to jazz it up a bit? Add in lemon, ginger, lime, or cinnamon. Just trust me on this one.
  7. ❌ Eliminate unhealthy snacks. ❌
  8. Stay accountable. take pics, join a group, set reminders, be consistent.
  9. Sweat 💦It 💦 Out 💦 30 mins
    1. Sun: Run Day
    2. Mon: Total Body
    3. Tue: Yoga + Abs
    4. Wed: Legs + Booty
    5. Thur: Abs + Arms
    6. Fri: HIIT It
    7. Sat: Active Rest
  10. Daily Total Body Toning Moves
    1. Jumping jacks
    2. Pushups
    3. Squats
    4. Planks
    5. Sun / Moon Salutation

September is Self Improvement Month. The summer may be almost over, but we work all winter to reach our goals. Start working for the after photo today. This week, I challenge you to recommit yourself to reaching your body goals. Forgive yourself for not staying committed to your body transformation. Celebrate your curves.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


Need More Inspiration? Click on the pic below.

workout series-2

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