you alone are enough 

Hey Damsels!

Being a black woman in America is a conundrum of pride & shame, hope & fear, guilt & forgiveness. Time and time again we are revered while also being ridiculed by the media. The reasons span the gamut of bullshit from the Queen Mother, our Forever FLOTUS, Michelle Obama being criticized for wearing a sleeveless dress thus deemed not “conservative” enough; to Viola Davis being cast as a lead in a television drama but also being described as “not traditionally beautiful”. It matters not what industry she is in nor her socio-economic background. Each unprovoked attack is not only felt by the unconquerable giant you see in the media. The attacks on our sheroes feel a lot like attacks on ourselves.

Let’s face it, African American Women are being criticized for simply being ourselves.

To The Little Damsels:

Even through the criticism, you must find a way to rise. Celebrate the things that are unique about you, despite criticism. Understand that some people won’t like you simply because they have been taught that you are inferior. Sometimes you will lose friendships because they are uncomfortable with how comfortable you are just being you. Sometimes you will even be told you’re too loud, too much, too smart, too bold, too tall, etc. You are not too much of anything you are enough. It can get difficult to see your value when it feels like the whole world is telling has deemed you worthless. But why would you believe someone who hasn’t walked a single mile in your shoes? You know your worth and your truth.


Its would be easy to label ourselves as a victim.
That’s 👏🏿 not 👏🏿 what 👏🏿 we 👏🏿 do 👏🏿 here! 👏🏿👏🏿! 

What we do here is celebrate the women that we love & admire. What I love most about the women featured today is they are honest open and upfront about their journey. They are confident in who they are and where they stand. Most importantly, they use their power and their own voices to not only fight back but to share their own story.

In celebration of our Sheroes killing it, I want to share words of wisdom from a few of mine! We don’t have to wait for Black History Month or any other month to celebrate. I want to do my part in encouraging the Little Damsels whose self-image is being marred by the insults hurled at her sheroes.

Messages From Our Sheroes:

Auntie Maxine says…

Our Forever FLOTUS and fave Auntie ‘Chelle.

Since we are talking about Aunties …
Auntie Viola on living your best life

Its a family affair! Cousin Serena Williams says you can be it all!

Zendaya says to focus on the Damsel in the mirror.

 And Lil Cous Marsai is not so little anymore.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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