10 Tips On Protecting Your Happiness

Eeeoowwwww Damsels!

*A Hot Girl Greeting

You ever wonder why we were drilled with fire safety tips? As if the danger of a fire is more than that of a broken heart. How often we are taught what to do in the event of an emergency but not what to do in the event of a heartbreak; or better yet how to create our own happily-ever-after.

We all were drilled with fire, health, and body safety tips. For example, we all know what to do if we somehow suddenly caught on fire: Stop, Drop, and Roll. We also knew, “Only you could prevent forest fires”.  We learned how to dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. But we were never given tips, or a slogan on how to protect our hearts, our hopes, or our dreams. Just unhelpful superstitious saying like “don’t buy a man a watch or you will watch time fly by.” So in the spirit of being who I needed when I was younger. This list is for all the Damsels who refuse to wait to be saved.

10 Tips On Protecting Your Happiness:

Shine your light.

Understand that people will SEE your light and envy your happiness. They will try their damnedest to get close to you or even to sabotage you on your process to grow simply because they envy your happiness. Shine anyway.

Love them anyway.

Keep in mind; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery my dear. Do not get upset when your market seems to be flooded with copycats, or your former employees and teammates. Use your superpower: your influence. Teach them HOW you discovered your own power. After all, we can all grow from mentorship.


Stay focused. Do not let anything distract you for chasing your dreams. Do not allow guilt to keep you from creating your own happily-ever-after. Do not allow the glitter of the firecracker to distract you from applying the pressure to mine your diamond.

The Bible says the Lord prepares your feast IN FRONT of your enemies. PSALMS 23:5. Your blessings are ready. Allow your enemies a seat at your table. So that God can prepare your feast in front of your enemies.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,



  1. Shine your light.
  2. Shine anyway.
  3. Love them anyway.
  4. Mentor them.
  5. Protect your happiness.
  6. Stay Focused.
  7. Give your enemies a seat at the table.
  8. Be bold.
  9. Live Out Loud.
  10. No Distress.







Find a Mentor!







Sweat: Yoga I

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