For Damsels With Anxiety

Hey Damsels!

I know how the cycle of anxiety starts with a slight panic that you forgot something that is otherwise extremely important to you. Followed closely by guilt that you forgot it. Then resentment for your forgetfulness. Soon your mind races to the daunting task of resolving the issue. Followed by the realization that you’ve done much of nothing to reach said goal and then your back at the point where you began because there is something else, just as important and just as pressing that also needs your attention and now you literally can’t breathe because you can’t remember the last time you’ve worked on either of the two goals.

Anxiety is a bitch.

But I’ve got a tool to help you.

Besides the typical run-of-the-mill advise: pray, seek therapy, blah blah blah. What really helps me overcome my anxiety are daily affirmations. Below I share a few you can try to help you get out of distress & create your own happily ever after.

Affirmations for Damsels Struggling with Anxiety.

  1. Anxiety does not control me.
  2. My challenges bring me opportunities.
  3. I am strong and resilient.
  4. This is only temporary.
  5. There are no mistakes, just lessons.

The other day, on my personal Facebook page, I shared the following story of my diagnosed anxiety and depression.

I used to suffer from anxiety and depression from holding in my tears & emotions at work. I let a corporation dictate what time I woke up, went to bed, how often I felt the sun on my skin & how much money I made. The company even told me how to dress.

Now I cry openly and in public if I need to. I tell people exactly how I feel, where to go and how to get there if need be. I work for myself sometimes from home, sometimes from hotels, sometimes from the beach but ALWAYS WHEN I WANT TO! I galavant in the sun (after I slather on tons of sunblock) and somedays I just sit at home reading.

My story may not be your story. I realize how extremely blessed I am to have a support system that encourages me. Money won’t ever dictate my mental health & it should not dictate yours either. #NoDistress
#iSurvivedCorporateAmerica #iContemplatedKillingMyself
#MightBeBrokeButImNotOnPillsNoMore #iHustle #iWrite #MyBlogSavedMyLife #ThereIsABiggerPicture #MinorityMentalHealthMonth #iGoToTherapy


Damsels sometimes the reason you are feeling depressed and/or anxious is that you’re holding onto something that is just not meant for you. God may be trying her damnest to encourage you to just let it. To make the pivot in your life to serving your true purpose. Its hurts sometimes more to hang onto something that is not meant for you than it does to just let go and let God handle it.

Do you have a story of how you’ve overcome your depression and anxiety? I want to hear what its is you do to keep your spirits lifted when you’re starting to feel low.

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Tell me #HowIOvercome let’s celebrate minority mental health month together!

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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