6 Tips To Manage Life As A Single Mother

Imagine working for no monetary compensation. Imagine working with no days off. Now imagine working for that company business as the not only the supervisor, but also as the staff, the CEO, the cook, and janitor.; amongst a host of other job titles. Yes! That’s a physical representation of being a single mother. Working all positions with mandatory overtime! It can get overwhelming managing a household as a single parent, and even more difficult to balance unbalanced when you add employment, dating, and a social life fun into the equation. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way though, ladies.

Below I share Tips On How To Manage Life As A Single Mother.  

 Tip #1: Get Creative

Being a mother is a beautiful balance of hard work and sacrifice. Yes, we have many sleepless nights, early mornings, and stressful days, but it’s all worth it in the end when we see our child[ren] smiling, comfortable, and content because mommy made it happen! One thing about us  Damsel mommas, besides making beautiful babies, we KNOW we have to make something happen, out of nothing.  Sometimes that may mean getting creative, if that may mean taking a daycare position at your child’s facility so not only your hours line up with his care but also you can rely on the quality of care. (Not to mention there may be a discount for your child[ren]’s tuition because you’re an employee.) You’re gonna make things happen by any means necessary. You see us Moms don’t have to think about the effect on our career progression. When it comes down to our babies, our career, we simply have to find what works for best and go from there.

Tip #2: MILF slow & intentional

What good is life with no one to share it with? Trust me, I’m sure dating may seem intense while being a single mother. After all this person will be a direct influence to your kid’s life child. Some qualities you may have tolerated before you won’t even get entertained now. The keys to managing your love life while being as single MILFmilf are:is to take your time, keep your children first, and set the tone early for how important your children are. Really get to know your potential partner and feel him out, ask direct questions, and most of all, ensure he is accepting of every responsibility that comes with dating you and your small family.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget The Village!   

Listen, Sis I know you have a little life to sustain, but you still have a life to live! Fun should not be limited to watching cartoons and playing with Barbies. As a hard-working Damsel and mother, don’t be afraid to lean on your village to ask for a sitter so you can have a night out.. I’m sure there is someone in your corner that would be happy to give you a day or at least an afternoon to yourself.

Tip #4: Be Intentional About Mommy Time!

When you get time to yourself don’t squander it. Really be intentional about self-care. Spend some time on your hair without rushing for once! Go get a mani/pedi & spring for the paraffin wax. (just trust me on this one). This could mean taking the next few hours to clean your house or just sitting to enjoy uninterrupted silence in your home. Adult play time is whatever you make it.

Tip #5: Introduce Your Kids To Something You Love.

When you play with your kids, it doesn’t always mean watching Chase save the day on another episode of Paw Patrol. Look for things you enjoy together that you can introduce them to. My children and I enjoy dancing. They know when I turn the music volume up it’s time to dance and enjoy letting out some energy together!

Tip #6: Focus On The Blessings

Single mothering can get hectic but it is incredibly rewarding with kisses, hugs, I love you’s, and gratitude; the things money can’t buy. You can’t focus on who is not in your children’s lives. Trust me, it’s their loss! Spend less days feeling stressed and worried and more days feeling at ease and peace because you have been making things happen thus far.

Find what works for your family, find the fun in every situation, and most importantly, take your time ladies!

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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