Boss Babes Brunch Recap

2019 is the year of the Boss Babe.

If you missed Boss Babes Brunch 2019, you missed out Big time! 

BBB is the brainchild of Gillian Sumpter. She is the CEO of KZM Enterprises, a motivational speaker, writer, coach, mentor, momma, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and all-around Muva Boss Babe. She started the brunch as a way to honor her late sister.

The mission of BBB is to encourage professional development by promoting leadership, fostering relationships and inspiring young women to reach their full potential.

KZM Enterprises partnered with S&W Insurance Solutions & Wysh Marketing Founder / CEO Shaniqua Williams. Together they received Harrisburg’s finest entrepreneurs, educators, mothers, and bossy Damsels to honor four women dedicated to their community.

It was an honor to cover the brunch & have a front-row seat to the black girl magic that is the Sumpter /Williams dream team. My experience at the Boss Babes Brunch 2019 is shared here with a few takeaways from the speakers. 

Promote Leadership | keynote speaker + panelist + honorees

Roxane E. Hearn, PhD, set the tone of the brunch. She fed our minds with techniques on combatting life’s curveballs, she exercised our bodies with four exercises you can squeeze into a busy schedule & she tended to our souls by closing with powerful affirmations we can apply to our own self-improvement journey.

Hearn is known by her clients as Dr. Rox – a passionate Health & Wellness Psychologist with over 20 years in the field of health, courageously shared a  testimony of her fight against rheumatoid arthritis & urged us to always make time to eat well and exercise when life throws us a curveball. In her address, she schooled us on the health benefits of exercise and also shared with us a few moves we can squeeze into our busy schedule to keep the happy hormones flowing and fight disease. 

Next, The Boss Babes Panelists Julia Mallory, Aubrea Thompson, Lisa Lickers and Jankail Adams poured into us. They shared their experiences on how they turned their trials into triumph and the audience was welcomed to engage. Each of the women dropped gems & J. Branch, the moderator, ensured we were all taking notes. 

The brunch highlighted leaders who are working tirelessly for the Harrisburg Community. The panel, honorees & keynote speaker all have dedicated their lives to serving others with collectively over 100 years of public service. Every woman who graced the stage was poised, powerful and put together. *inserts 3 snaps top to bottom*

But more importantly they resonated the same message:

You haven’t lost if you don’t give up the fight.

Fostering Relationships | networking + day party

If Mrs. Gil & Mrs. Shaniqua set out to assist solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & want-to-be businesswomen in fostering relationships, they did just that. HMAC donated the space which served as the perfect backdrop to host bossy babes, eight vendors, six on the planning committee, four panelists, four honorees, one bossy DJ – LeiRow & a boss bro moderator/host. The tables were decorated with grab bags of goodies when we arrived featuring treats from Paparazzi jewelry, She’s A Hustler Tee Shirts and/or to-go coffee/tea mugs with an inspirational message for the bossy babes.

First-time attendee- Joy Tumer with Brunch Founder Gillian Sumpter

Women from all parts of the city and all walks of life came out and honey did they serve LEWKS! I got a chance to interview a few of the attendees and here is what they had to share:

Sharron a Harrisburg native & stylist said “Overall the event was great! I felt fed [following the event] & J. Branch was the hilarious cherry on top. I can’t wait ’til next year. ” 

Joy Turmer, a first-time attendee says, “This event was just what I needed. The panelists were all genuine, I loved that the most because I truly felt like they cared. They’re changing the narrative of women in the city & I love it… There were no crabs in the barrel here!”

Another guest, Linda said, “Can we have events like this every weekend?” When I asked her what she thought about the event. She continued, “[The Brunch] was awesome. I got a lot out of it. My favorite part was the panel because they were their authentic selves.”

Did I mention the looks?

Inspiring Young Women | scholarship recipients
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the two ladies who earned a $1k scholarship.

Boss Babe In Training Scholarship was awarded to Ms. Anonda Speaks. She couldn’t be at the event because she was at New Student Orientation at Delaware State University. The scholarship received will contribute to the cost of her educational journey.

Boss Babes Business Plan Scholarship was awarded to Kechia Nyree of Cheer Revolution Harrisburg. The $1k scholarship will contribute to the expense of running her cheer team of predominantly brown cheerleaders. Not only did Sumpter & Williams contribute to the support of Nyree’s dream they have also sewn into the dream of all the young girls on the team. Could you imagine the lasting residual grace extended simply because that seed is planted?

This year’s brunch theme: empower, engage and educate filled the room. It was literally impossible to leave the brunch & day party without feeling inspired or having made a connection. Gil & Shaniqua truly facilitated an event that blew wind into all of our sails. 

In the words of Gil & Shaniqua: Go After Your Dreams! 

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


One thought on “Boss Babes Brunch Recap

  1. I need to make it to this event next year! Being in a room with so many positive black women focused on uplift just gives me ALL the warm and fuzzies🥰


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