Drop Dead Weight

Hey Damsels!

Have you ever noticed how much your hair flourishes after a good wash and trim? Or how about how your skin flourishes after a good exfoliation? Are you familiar with the freeing feeling you get when you finally kick off your shoes and peel your bra off at the end of a long day? Now imagine manifesting that feeling into your life.

Give Up To Go Up

The reason your hair grows, your skin glows and you feel free is because you are lightening your load. When you trim your hair you’re getting rid of split-ends to would prevent further splitting and promote hair growth. When you exfoliate you’re literally scrubbing away that dead skin cells to reveal younger healthier skin. When you take off your shoes you’re grounding yourself – getting closer to the earth. To manifest this feeling in your personal life you’re gonna have to let go of some things. In order to move to the next level in life,  you will have to give up things from your current level. Stop holding on to raggedy split-end so you can experience some growth. Just like Toni Morrison wrote in the novel Songs of Solomon,

Things You Need To Let Go Of

To achieve a total transformation, you have to get rid of the things that are preventing you from reaching your goals. This may apply to your life in various forms. It could be bad habits like overeating, skipping leg day or not getting enough sleep. You definitely have to let go of excuses. Let’s be honest, excuses are just lies we tell ourselves to get comfortable not meeting our goals. You may even have to walk away from friends & family. Anything and anyone that is not serving a constructive purpose will need to be left in your past. The next level of your life requires you to develop new habits, new experiences, new friends, and new goals.

Easier Said Than Done

Making sacrifices for your dreams is much easier said than done. Some of the sacrifices will be monetary, some will be time and they won’t always feel good. Personally, my journey required me to not only purge my closet but also my contacts. I had to make the difficult decision to end a friendship that was no longer serving a purpose. Just like I had to part with that sparkly purple blazer like really I’m never gonna wear it. I also found myself having to refocus on eating clean and exercising; things I’ve fallen off of as of recent. A sacrifice that requires additional time and money.

So Damsels, if you are getting yourself or the kiddies ready to go back to school or not, take this chance to begin a new chapter in your life too. Rededicate yourself to your New Year’s Resolution(s). Give up on persons and things not serving a purpose in your life. If it is not serving a purpose its a distraction from your goals. Get rid of the distractions & roadblocks.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,



Leave behind everything that is holding you down!

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