Harrisburg Fashion Week 2018 Recap

Harrisburg Fashion Week Recap


Kae Cureton Lead Blogger for Harrisburg Fahsion Week
photo credit facebook

Jesus showed out this summer & blessed me with a job that marries two things I love writing and fashion.  I am pleased to announce I am the Lead Blogger for Harrisburg Fashion Week(TM)! This was my first experience at an HFW fashion show. To be completely honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I was just excited to finally be at the show instead of watching from pictures on Facebook.

Harrisburg Fashion Week was a minefield of talent from the designers and models, to the vendors and performers I was blown away by the amount of talent displayed!!!!


Jack & Jeff Denim Co.
ParQuer Fashion
Lomax Exclusive
Camille’s House of Styles
LandaIzms Fashion Boutique
Vinn-Alexander Collins


William Jeffries, “The Big Cheese”/Lead Designer at Jack & Jeff Denim Co. says his first show is: “Transitional, fun and trendsetting.” The ready-to-wear men’s sports line features a handsome teal that complemented the models’ complexions exceptionally. The standout piece was the orange track suit. See the collection on the HFW Facebook Page Here.

photos provided by cliprosphotography.com, meekphotos.com

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO HFW PHOTOGS for these amazing images were provided by Tony Taylor, Nathan Raupauch, John Elicker Jr., Salem Dzaka & Hafees Byard.

Arthur Parker is primarily a handbags and travel accessories designer. He describes the line’s motto as Pride, Style & Culture. The line features African inspired cloth and structured totes, duffle bags and clutches. The standout piece embodies the style and class in a timeless black and white cotton printed maxi dress. See the rest of the line on the HFW Facebook page here.


Was born in a dorm room on Virginia State University’s campus. The CEO & Designer, Ray creates all of the one-of-a-kind pieces himself, by hand. Falln the brand is a line that features men’s screen-print tees and women’s jersey dresses while Falln persuasion is the spin-off swimsuit/women’s wear line. Ray says the show isn’t quite complete because he suffered a major inventory loss just before the show. But true to the brand’s motto: Never Falln off the path of success. He decided to push forward and show the few pieces that remained. See the rest of the line on the HFW Facebook page here.

There were 4 more AMAZING designers at the show, I will share their work with you in the next recap. Stay tuned!

A special thank you to Miss Tracie Grier-Carroll the Founder/CEO Harrisburg Fashion Week/Rosa Management LLC. Without your vision and fearless leadership, none of this would be possible. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to cover the show and excited to join the HFW Team.

If you see a designer you like click their name and check out their site & SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS LADIES!

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,



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