Be Patient With You

Hey Damsel!

I see you girl! Hustling, reaching for your goals, protecting your edges, maintaining your finances, eating well and working out, getting six to eight hours of sleep a night while balancing a healthy social life with work life AND paying your tithes, alms & offerings.


I let me to be the first to commend you  for doing your thang! You are doing all that you can with the resources you have & that is all you can expect of yourself.  Not only are you doing your thang, you LOOK GOOD while doing it & you’re helping others as you go along the way.



I know, you set high standards and expectations for yourself; But for your sanity please,

Be Patient With You, your growing.

You’re learning, you’re healing. That means you’re going to make mistakes. You should expect to make detours on the road to your goals. Leave yourself some wiggle room to slip, to forget a deadline, to miss a turn and get to the meeting late, to forget the names of the person you just met, & even to send an email before proofereading it. You are going to make rookie mistakes. For crying out loud stop beating yourself up over things that you can’t control.

Don’t waste time stressing about things you can not control. Even those things you can control you shouldn’t worry about them more than you pray about them or work on improving them.

In a previous blog post I wrote: You set the precedence for how others treat you. So be patient with you while you are growing so others remember to do the same. 

& as always remember,


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