A. C. T.  Like Its Impossible To Fail

What would you do if you knew it was impossible to fail?

Take a few minutes to seriously contemplate it. Set a timer for five minutes and let your imagination run wild as you answer the question:

What would you do if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would not fail?

Are you a bold damsel?! Tweet me what you would do if you knew it were impossible to fail by clicking Here.

Now that you’re done dreaming (for now). Do me a favor, choose just ONE of your dreams & set a deadline.

 When do you want to accomplish that goal?

Date done?! Good. If your goal is not quantifiable adjust it so it is measurable before moving to the next step.

Now write 5 steps to reach that goal.

Here is the fun part … ATTACK!

This week I dare you to go after your IIWITF dream! Nothing in this world is impossible the word itself says I’m possible! So take another moment to imagine yourself achieving your unfailable goal. Now A.C.T. like its impossible to fail at reaching that dream.

How does one A.C.T. like its impossible to fail?

A. Accept your obstacles, limitations, variables, challenges, roadblocks, naysayers & haters. Accept they are going to attempt to keep you from reaching your goal. Accept that they are part of getting to your goal. Most of all, understand they are designed to develop you into the person who can reach the goal.
C. Create a plan to overcome your obstacles. Write it down. Stick to it! Be 100% aware THIS. PLAN. WILL. CHANGE. Be ok with the plan changing but do not allow the goal to change .. if it still serving a purpose
T. Tackle! Take down that plan! Follow through with your plan. I’m sure your malleable because like I mentioned before your plan is most definitely going to change. Flexibility is key to ensuring that your plan gets you to your goal.

So Damsels, don’t allow fear of failure prevent you from dreaming big bold dreams!

& as always remember,


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