Don’t Hide The Hurt! 

Hello Damsels!

Today’s messages is short + sweet. It’s inspired by an internet poet’s pin I found written by a Cristen Rogers.

As a single woman making it through the holiday season a.k.a. engagement season is tough. Thanks to social media providing you with nonstop updates. Photos of “Happy couples” snuggled up in matching pajamas next to Christmas trees & going on ‘Baecations’ inundate us. Then being smacked by New Year’s Eve midnight kisses with no one to kiss. *le sigh* Hanging through the most depressing month of the year, January; and then surviving through February 14 with no flowers, candy and nor Beau to spoil you.

It. Is. Hard! And lonely. And it hurts! 

But damn it, you don’t have to hide your hurt! I’m with you on the couch (hypothetically) in my Cheeto stained sweatpants, eating ice cream from the tub and binge-watching Carrie get it wrong with Big and Joan ruined all of her relationships. Or we could be in our Cheto stained sweatpants at the gym working on our revenge body. Getting healthy. Making green smoothies. Balancing our checkbooks and repairing our credit.


Use this season of singleness to grow. Acknowledge your heart, your feelings of loneliness or even of depression and turn it into a catalyst! Lady Gaga was once quoted saying: “.. remember, your career won’t wake  and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.” So focus on what you CAN control, your career. Use this season to develop yourself. Read books. Develop your dreams. Check things off of your bucket list. THRIVE. Just don’t wallow. Don’t allow your season of singleness to get you down or stuck. 

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


One thought on “Don’t Hide The Hurt! 

  1. Singlehood is a time to work on self holistically so that when the right one appears you are ready to receive them. I find many women stress of being alone and have soooo much work to do one themselves and the men they desire wouldn’t necessarily choose them because the have toooo much baggage. Whole people want whole people. Use this time to grow and transform self positively and you will attract without even trying what you desire because your light illuminates brightly from the inside-out. Live Damsels no distress! MUAH! 🙂


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