Don’t Settle For Crumbs

Good Morning Damsels!

This week we are going to discuss your worth! As the good book says, your worth is far above rubies. My dears, too often I see Damsels settling! But not only are they settling they are finding themselves stuck in distress  & all because they have come up with a *phenomenal reason to settle there.

*phenomenal reason read: a phenomenal excuse.

But Damsels, let me tell you a secret about settling, your desire for greater is like hunger on Thanksgiving Day. As you smell the turkey spread being prepared, your appetite just grows and grows and grows with anticipation. The promise to your belly, that she will be full soon, almost makes the wait for dinner to be served unbearable! (*shivers with a flashback of 3:30 pm on Thanksgiving Day 2012 when the oven was busted and we didn’t eat until 10:30pm).What if after aaaaaaalllllll that waiting, instead of having the turkey spread you dreamt about all day, you never eat dinner because you decided you’re not cool enough to sit at the table with the other people who were invited to dinner? Or what if you decided your dress didn’t look cute enough to enjoy the perfectly prepared cornucopia? How about, if instead of ever preparing your plate you just watched everyone else eat. Because they were already eating before you and they are doing such a good job, you wouldn’t want to copy them because you can’t figure out how to do it better or differently? Or worse, what if you settle for just saltines + peanut butter because you don’t have a culinary degree or years of experience in culinary arts to really enjoy all the notes of flavor in the cornbread stuffing?

Does your hunger will just go away because you ate saltines + peanut butter or watched someone else eat? Will you be satisfied with yourself if you turned & walked out the house to return to only smell the remnants of dinner and see the dregs of the leftover carcass in the pan the turkey was baked for hours in? NAH FAM! IT DONT WORK THAT WAY!

Settling for crumbs doesn’t keep you fed it keeps you starving. 

The turkey dinner represents your dreams + big bold goals, the hunger and rumbles in your tummy represent your ambitions, but those jank af saltines are:

that sorry job you’ve been working since the December after college that doesn’t use your degree nor your talents. That no-good boyfriend/fake 3-year long fiancé with no wedding date yet. No good baby daddy you decided you had to stay with for the sake of your ‘family’. The passport that’s growing cobwebs from lack of use. That abysmal savings account that only has $3 in it after 3 years of yoyo saving. That credit score that’s still in the trash because you’re constantly late on your bills. Years passing by without you starting your business because you don’t have the certification. Not getting your motorcycle license because you don’t have a motorcycle yet. Not taking flying lessons because well you don’t own a plane either. Not learning to ride a bike because you think you’re too old to learn now. Or not get your gun license because you keep forgetting.

How long are you going to settle for saltines? How long are you going to settle for crumbs? Take a chance on the things that you love! The things that will bring your life fulfillment!

ARE YOU READY TO EAT?! Are you ready for your turkey dinner?!

I challenge you to take a step toward your dreams today! No matter how large or small, be intentional about moving toward your dreams! And don’t just settle or don’t just TELL yourself you’re gonna take a step ACTUALLY TAKET HE EFFIN STEP! 

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,



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