The Secret To Success

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Now that the year is coming to a close; How did those New Year’s Resolutions go?! Be honest. Did you reach your goals? Did you stick to your diet & exercise routine? Or did you fall off after the Noreastern that left most of us under 3 feet of snow? You fell off huh? … Girl, Me too!

This year was a gamut of wins and losses for me both personally and professionally. I downright failed some of my objectives, some of my goals I only kinda failed at. On the bright side: I DEVOURED my health and fitness goal by I losing nearly 40 lbs since January!

Do you wanna read about fixing your credit score? Or loosing close to 40lbs (37 to be exact)? WAIT ON IT! Its coming * pinky promise* 

Do you want know the secret to success in ALL areas of your life?

Its your daily routine!

Every. Single. Damn. Day.
Work toward reaching your goals!

On the days you’re exhausted from working long hours, work toward reaching your goals. On days you’re sick, work toward reaching your goals. On days you’re muscles are still sore from the cycling class you wanted to try 3 days ago, work toward reaching your goals. On days you’re uninspired and just want to veg out & just Netflix + Chill, work toward reaching your goals. Even on those days you simply don’t feel like “being Her”, work toward reaching your goals.

You have to be more committed toward reaching your goals than you are to staying in your comfort zone!

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Sometimes the Work is taking a baby step with the end in mind, like simply imaging yourself achieving your dreams. Other times it could mean only sleeping for 3 hours because you were in the lab all night reviewing and editing your business plan.  Then again, it may mean taking 30-45 minutes to arrange your schedule for the next week to ensure you’ve prioritized for success! But everyday you should be taking one step closer to your mark & remaining committed to your dreams. Picture it like a relationship or a marriage if you will, do you think its acceptable to tell your partner: “I just don’t feel like being your wife today honey, maybe tomorrow or the next day when I’m not [insert excuse here]”Absolutely not! So why is it that you can’t commit to writing, working out or managing your finances wisely every damn day? Remember this even on the days you “simply CAN NOT” because, bae is on your last reserved nerve, you’ve got cramps like no other, your kids are acting like you didn’t raise ’em right & you’ve got an attitude from the last customer you spoke with at your day job:


Damsels, THANK YOU for reading!
Ask yourself: “How bad do you want it?!”
No seriously, look in the mirror (or turn ya selfie camera on) and ask the gorgeous Damsel staring back at you: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?! When you have an answer you will know how hard you’ve to work everyday.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,




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