Do The Impossible!

Chao Bella!

I participated in a Twitter chat with @ForWomenToWomen. One of the chat questions was: “To move forward sometimes it requires cutting back or cutting off. What is one thing you are eliminating from your life?”

Quite a few women replied by saying they are eliminating negative thinking or negative self-talk. This led me to wonder how many Damsels are also suffer from negative self-talk? How often have you talked yourself out of working toward a big bold goal? How many of your dreams have gone unfulfilled because you’ve convinced yourself it’s impossible, too hard, too extreme or unreasonable? *GASP!* Or even worse, how often have you thought that you’re not smart enough, you don’t have enough money, or you don’t have the credentials to start working toward your dreams?

I want to encourage you to keep dreaming!

Below I share 3 tips on dreaming big bold + scary dream!

As you are ever evolving your dreams and goals should be evolving too!

Just be sure your goals aren’t changing because you’ve convinced yourself it can’t be done. Your goals should be serving a purpose; they should be encouraging growth and most of all they should be measurable. If your goals don’t reach those requirements, CHANGE THEM & CHANGE THEM NOW!

1453333026124.jpgWhen you’re setting your goals, do me a favor and ignore the norm!

While dreaming, do just that: D R E A M. Ignore social pressures! IDC if it’s crazy, un-ladylike, a bad decision or weird … just ignore it! Dream as big and as bold and as scary as you choose to! Set your goals to help you reach those big scary dreams. Accept reality but ignore the norm. Well behaved women seldom make history! You don’t have to fit in, just let your dreams free in the driver seat!

Be gentle with yourself!

Okay Honey, I will let you in on a little secret, You set the precedence to how well or poorly others treat you. So if you love on yourself, speak life to yourself and shed a positive light on yourself; you will in turn attract those who will do the same and not accept negativity from others. But Babygirl, if you’re not speaking life, love and positivity into your life, how exactly what you will attract it?! So Dear, how in the heck are you going to quit your day job to work on your dream job? How will you chase after your crazy scary big bold goals if you’re speaking negativity?

#PositiveVibesOnly Break the cycle of negativity, keep dreaming, keep setting goals that are challenging you to grow and don’t allow social norms to stifle you! After all who cares if you look crazy chasing after your dreams! Remember when BeyoncĂ© left Destiny’s Child? Yea … that’s all history now! This week I challenge you to step out of your comfort

#NoDistress #DreamALittleBigger #NoNegativity


& as always remember,



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