Growth requires temporary surrender of security

You know what is super duper scary? Setting a goal and taking those final steps to reaching it, but not being 100% sure you’re its going to turn out as planned. Although terrifying, somehow this feeling is also exhilarating! Then once you exceed your expectations, it seems like just a faint memory because now you have to figure out what todo next.


This week I challenge you to take a few minutes to dream. Get yourself a nice warm beverage & write out your dreams. Once your dreams are written give them deadlines. Now your dreams have become goals. If your goals are big and bold like mine (ehhheemm retire by 35), you may need to do some constructive thought and some additional  research to develop a strategy to reach your goals.

Remember how I started with “you have to decide”? Well, you’ve gotta decide to start working toward your dreams and to never set it down!

When you start working toward your goals, its gonna be uncomfortable. Its gonna be hard. Its gonna feel like you’re not making waves, like noone is reading your little blog or even that you won’t ever save enough money for the down payment for your dream home; but hang in there Buttercup, your efforts are not in vain! YOU GOT THIS! (ok maybe you don’t got this right now, but you will got this in due time!)

Growth requires a temporary surrender of security

You litterally have to endure growing pains to reach your dreams! Including losing sleep, friends and popularity. Learning to go without so you can invest in what you need for your business. Choosing to research instead of watching the season finale. Takeing a chance and asking someone for help with your brand. Making the decision to call it quits if you are not producing in that area of your business.

If you need help staying focused and sticking to the fight when your struggle is TOO REAL, drop me a line. I would love to help hold you accountable!


Have a productive week Ladies & as always remember,



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