Thrift Store Haul + 10 tips to Revamp Your Wardrobe At The Thrift Store

Hello ladies!

Tonight I’m trying something new. I’m going to give you a peek into my closet.  It’s just a very small peek at a Thrift Store Haul not my whole entire wardrobe. Truth moment: I recently put on a couple of pounds and my work clothes were starting to get a little snug. I enlisted the help of my bestie and we  hit the thrift to look for mid-winter wardrobe updates that can transition easily into spring/ summer.

Now, before you get all skeeved out at the thought of shopping at a thrift store let me tell you this: a washer and dryer were used in the production of this post! Also shopping at the thrift store allows me to keep my champagne taste and maintain my kool-aid budget. Now that’s what I call a win / win!

Remember I wrote about being Frugal without loosing you’re sexy here?

I picked up these wardrobe enhancers for the LOW LOW cost of $79.82. This is a STEAL considering each item could easily retail between $30-60. And the suit?! Honey I bought 1 suit at retail price my entire life and that was in 2006 for $80 it was a horrible grey poly blend and it was NOT this fashionable!


So lets get started shall we?

First up, I have 2 Classic Solid Color Dresses.


The red one is roomier than I typically choose for myself but I allowed it because of the cute accent bow & bold color also, POCKETS!

The black cable knit dress is just a classic LBD. I have worn this dress 3 times in the month since I’ve bought it. Its easy to throw on & care for (no ironing necessary) plus when it’s layered with a different blazer, scarf or cardi there is a new look each time.

These 3 Less Safe Picks Highlight My Fuller Figure, Are Fun + Still Business Casualimage.

The red one is actually a red + black hounds tooth print. The darts in the neckline of this dress draw the eye upward so a necklace is necessary! This LRD won’t transition well to summer because its made of a heavier poly blend that I’m sure will make me sweat like a grown man. But I couldn’t leave it behind!

The pink one (in the middle) is not my favorite but I chose it because it was literally $2.50 and I needed to add more colors to my wardrobe besides black red grey and brown. This dress is made of the twins that I abhors Polly & Esther. The silk smooth fabric will travel well and won’t require much up keep, it’s light enough for the summer and it can be layered in the winter. All perfect for what I was shopping for!

Lets pause quickly and say HELLO to my waist in this grey dress! Like, COME THRU DRESS! This one is easily one of my favorites from the batch. It fits in all the right places, can go day to night and can easily be layered with a blazer.

A Second Look at the First Classic Red + A Look at a New Wardrobe Staple. 


This red dress is the same as the dress from the first pic just a better look at the collar of the dress and the cutsie bow at the neckline. I actually wore this one to church on Valentine’s Day!

Ok, BUT this pink + black number is E.Ver.Ry.Thing! Since these dresses gained popularity I’ve been dying to get my hands on one. There is a black exposed zipper up the back. The hem line is a little high for work but with some flats & opaque stockings I got away with it at the office and of course hit up happy hour IMMEDIATELY after!

Slaying On In These Three Show Stoppers

Then there is that grey dress again, making me look like I am a size 8! Just a photo so you can appreciate the piping in the dress & how it gives the illusion of a slimmer tummy/waist. Jesus REALLY made that dress for me to slay in!


The black & white checkered dress (above) is actually Merona the Target brand. I’ve never seen it in the store though. It fit JUUUST right. Truth be told, I had some trouble zipping it because of the hidden zipper, but I’m sure once I drop a few pounds this will fit less snug. The black + white in this dress are perfect for any season and will look KILLER in June when I pair with my coral sling backs I’m sure you’re tired of seeing from my blogs inaugural photo shoot.

There Is Nothing CASUAL About This Work Wear


I’m gonna skip the stripped gem for now.And A 3rd look at the pink + black number.

Now THIS BLAZER WAS MADE BY THE VIRGIN MARY HERSELF!  OK, I kid..  its actually made by GAP & the neon yellow piping around it perfectly pair with neon yellow pumps I recently purchased; not to mention its perfect for summer! Yall wait on it I plan on living in this blazer + that gray dress from Jesus all summer.

Last But Certainly Not Least


This brown suit has a brown leather accent on both the blazer + skirt. Its made of wool & I most definitely won’t be wearing it in warmer weather! But its a great staple for my current winter wardrobe and I look like I could run for public office in this! Its Handled! No? Ehh ok! Can’t be a gladiator in a suit without the suit!

That black cable knit dress (from the first pic) is shown here again because a. It got no love and b. Well I’m super cute in it! Ha! JK. Just showing the necessity of mixing in classic/timeless pieces into the fun of the wardrobe. Can you now can accept that I’ll probably wear this twice a month with no shame because it flows?!?

Last piece is MY FAVORITE DRESS IN MY CLOSET TO DATE. (No jinx!) Where do I begin with this one? Umm, HI WAIST! The pleats in this cotton blend dress + the alternating heights of these horizontal lines are extremely slimming. The cotton is light weight so I will LEGIT wear this ALL YEAR. This dress allows me celebrate all my curves at work and it also makes me want to actively adult when wearing it. Let’s take a moment to thank my momma and grandmamas for these curves honey!

& THATS IT! My haul of 1 skirt suit, 1 blazer, and 8 dresses. All of which can be mixed and matched into my current wardrobe and all for less than $80!


I know you didn’t think I would share my haul & not learn you my tricks! Here are 10 tips to update your closet with thrift store finds!

1. Bring A Bestie. Need I elaborate? A second pair of eyes is always helpful.
2. Have a clearly defined goal of what you’re shopping for. For me my goal was: mid-winter wardrobe updates that can transition easily into spring/ summer.  Mission Accomplished!
3. Stick to your BUDGET! Originally I wanted to spend no more than $100 so for this trip I was under budget! When your breezing through the thrift, it can be tempting to OVER indulge because everything is so cheap.. DO. NOT. let this be you!
4. Look AT EVERYTHING! If you’re looking for blazers. Check out the whole entire lot of blazer! Don’t leave a blazer untouched. I promise you will find something you like. You’ll see things you love that aren’t your size, don’t get discouraged! KEEP GOING!
5. Don’t play, try the mess on! Yes! Its inexpensive but its a waste if you get home and can’t fit it! (not to mention disappointing) All designers do not define sizes equally. Just try it on! Or at least match the seams to the seams of what your wearing to see if they are at least comparable!
6. Bring your imagination! The pink and black poly blend dress, I did not love. But it looked great paired with a black blazer and black shoes once I got it home. Just don’t judge a dress by its hanger appeal. Drape it over your curves to get a real feel for the garment!
7. Will you really dry clean it? I confess I have lost at least 3 dresses at the dry cleaner because I forgot to pick them up. OOPS!  Now, I avoid this all together and leave DCO garments for someone else to love and care for.
8. Stick to what you know works for you. Colors, shapes, fabrics, etc. I know I told you to use your imagination. But if you’re too adventurous when at the store, when you get home & get shy … what’s the point?
9. Shop on “family day” or when they are having a sale. The thrift that I visit has 50% off on Wednesdays. So I go on that day and periodically when they have sales on Saturdays! So an item thats normally $10 is now $5 but it would’ve retailed for $30. You don’t need to be a math genius to see the deal you’re getting.
10. For every item you buy donate 1. I usually do this to make room in my tiny closet. But also because I want someone to enjoy pieces I no longer wear!

So there you have it ladies!
my haul + my thrift tips all #OnATuesday #NoDistress

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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