Single Gal Activities For VDay!

Hey Single Ladies!

The impending doom of Valentine’s Day Weekend is approaching & it seems like everyone is paired up. Brace yourselves your ENTIRE timeline will be filled with “in love” couples spending copious amounts of money on “surprising” each other with flowers, chocolates, balloons and stupid oversized stuffed animals.

If you’re, like me, and don’t have an Adonis to gush over you and send roses that will just die in a week anyway, don’t get down on yourself. I’ve composed a list of things you can do with (or without) your single gal pals to keep you busy ’til the chocolates go on sale!


1. Mani/Pedi.swear nail polish is the low-key secret to world peace! A fresh coat almost instantly makes me feel better & temporarily forget about my first world problems. So why not treat yourself this weekend & splurge? Go get the spa mani/pedi. Have the nail tech dip your hands + feet in paraffin wax. You are not doing Galentine’s Day weekend right if you don’t!
2. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Even if you’re not gonna spend any money, sitting down & putting your freshly painted tootsies in a pair of peeptoe slingbacks just in time for spring is the ticket to take your mind off the flowers you didn’t recieve! Hello Retail Therapy + Hello Polish Therapy #SomeoneTellSwayIHaveTheAnswers.
3. Workout, I mean REEEALLY sweat it out! This weekend since everyone will be out & about boo lovin, now is the perfect time to try a new machine, class or routine at the gym. But if you’re trying to be fiscally responsible & ditched your gym membership this year;  youtube is oozing with fun workouts you can try from the comfort of your living room!
4. DIY a project. Keep your hands busy and your mind occupied while making a beautiful & inexpensive gift that will cozy up any space. Try my favorite PUSH PIN art tutorial for here.
5. Netflix & chill anyone? Need I explain this one? Get an awesome movie, fun snacks and cozy jamies to have a RAGING I’m-starring-down-the-barrel-of-30-and-too-old-to-be-in-these-streets-cold-and-drunk-on-a-Saturday-night, night with your favorite fellow Damsel in Distress.
6. A Night Out dancing. If Netflix & Chill ain’t your cup of tea, hows about a night on the town? Just add your fave single gal pals, a freak’um dress & sky-high heels to match. Beat that face boo, wrap up & HIT THE TOWN! A night out dancing to my favorite tunes no mater how low the temps get will ALWAYS be one of my favorite past times.

You see Ladies, this weekend doesn’t have to be depressing because you don’t have a Beaux to pamper you! Let your hair down to enjoy yourself sweets, treat ‘cho self, its Gal-entines Day Weekend!


& as always remember,

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