Don’t Create Limits For Yourself

Hey Damsels!

This week is all about letting the little damsel that lives inside of you free, so she can dream! I’m not talking about those social norm dreams of a white dress on your “big  day” + a house with a white picket fence. I’m talking about dreaming big, bold, scary dreams. Like being the First Female President. Or quitting your job to pursue your passion & run your own business. Or starting your own fashion line! Or maybe all of the above. Or none of the above because you truly do wish to have your big day, in your beautiful white dress, marrying your best friend and eventually have 2.5 kids. Whatever your dream is,

I challenge you to push your reality by removing limits.

Shaking up your reality and removing limits can be pretty intimidating. But if you want to live a #NoLimitLifestyle, that is what it takes.

3 ways you can live a #NoLimitLifestyle

1.  Let your imagination attack your problems. Remember, as a kid, how you could imagine crazy scenarios while playing with your dolls? (That wasn’t just me was it?!) Let’s just apply that same logic to get a #NoLimitsLifestyle. Imagine away your problems with self-created solutions.

2. Defy negativity. Even when you think of a totally cool-awesome sauce-surprisingly realistic-even attainable solution to your issues, Negative Nancy will still show her ugly head and tell you why it will not work. Do not comply with Negative Nancy! Do your thing, chase after your new almost attainable surprisingly realistic solutions and watch all your doubters disappear as you conquer your fears and reach success!

3. Strengthen your think muscles. Whenever I want to get in shape & look my greatest, I workout twice a day, and eat clean + hydrate to keep my muscles fed and strong. To strengthen your think muscles watever that means to you, there are many things you can do to “workout twice a day” and “eat clean” for starters, you can: collect  quotes that inspire you (check out my quotes board here), join or create a mastermind group where everyone gets together to discuss great ideas, find a mentor or a coach and bounce ideas off of them/have them come up with ideas to stretch your reality. Whatever it is that you need todo to inspire you to think radically do that & do it often!

Do NOT let this week end with the same limits that you started with! Take it from Auntie Michelle O herself.


Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,

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