Hey Damsels

Its Officially an ELECTION YEAR  and Donald Trump is a front runner for POTUS. People of color are still being hunted by the police and now #Yay we are boycotting the Academy Awards! I don’t want to get into too much of the Politics of The 2016 Presidential Election. But I will say what I’ve said countless times.

Too many people have died for your right to vote! Even if you are just going to vote for yourself, JUST. G0. VOTE.

Since I love ‘Murica as much as I hate her & believe voting gives us the power to choose our tomorrow, HERE is a link to a site that has a comprehensive list of voter registration deadlines by state it even includes the U.S. Territories! So no matter if you want to make sure you can #KeepTrumpOutOfTheWhiteHouse or if you are beginning to #FeelTheBern let’s make sure your primary vote is counted!

If you live in any of the following states your registration deadline is approaching!

Let’s take control of our future! #NoDistress2016 #UseYourVoice2016

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


One thought on “#UseYourVoice2016

  1. Voting is so important! I love the website isidewith.com. It provides a quiz asking you about important issues discussed in debates etc. Based on your answers it tells you which candidate your opinions align with. So now there’s definitely no excuse for anyone who says they don’t know who to vote for.


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