Take Off Your Mask


Hello Damsels!

How glad are you that each new day offers new opportunities, blessings, memories & challenges?!

I know it’s October and you’re getting ready for Halloween but I’m not referring to that type of physical mask. I’m referring to the mask you have on to hide the fact that you’ve cried yourself to sleep every night for the past week. Or the mask that you wear to convince yourself & others that you’re okay with being single. How about that mask that screams “I love my dead-end job!” But in reality, your heart says you’re an artist & every minute you spend there you die a little more inside.

Take off your mask! Be real! Be authentic! Even if just for a moment enjoy being the real you!

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This week I want to challenge you to take off your masks!

Last week I wrote for blackgirlhealth.com  on this subject. Ironically in the age of social media where we should have more access to help; it seems the pressures of living a near-perfect life are at an all-time high. This phenom has even inspired a new saying, “Are you who you Post to be?” Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health. If you feel you need help in this area the thehopeline.com has a chat line available 24 hours.

Damsel Dialogue: Its only after you remove your mask that you will be able to enjoy being your authentic self. This week lets stand together and take off our masks! There is strength in vulnerability & authenticity.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,



2 thoughts on “Take Off Your Mask

  1. You’re right. In the age of social media people feel forced to put in perfection. The thing is perfection doesn’t exist. Chasing it only makes us miserable. We are meant to be real, not perfect.


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