Hey Damsels 

I challenge you to invest in you!


As a full-time entreprenur, I have to be conscious of how I spend my money and my time as these are resources I have a limited amount of. As I mentioned a few Fridays ago, I’ve recently made some lifestyle changes to Be Self-Employed. One of the lifestyle changes I made to be a solo-preneur is to spend more time investing in my own personal and professional development. Instead of spending money on entertainment, I now use that time to grow myself and my business.

One of the ways I’ve been investing in myself is by reading. Currently, my best bud and I are reading The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. DuBois. The book is written by a northern academic black man about how he doesn’t quite understand the southern black. My best bud is a southern gentleman & I being a northern gal thought it would be interesting to discuss our perspective of the book.

The other way I am investing in me is by working out! That is right! This month I made myself EARN every shower by sweating first. This investment is partially superficial: I WANNA LOOK SLAMMIN IN MY BDAY DRESS! But also because I understand the compounding benefits of working out regularly & taking care of your temple. (Something I admittedly had recently slacked on.)

Are you looking for ways to invest your time instead of spending money? Follow this link to read my blog post: 10 Frugal Living Tips. I share how to live at or below your means without loosing your sexy! 

This week I challenge you to invest in you; no matter how it manifests. Read a book. Go for a night-time walk. Unplug your television & spend time just existing. Light a candle and take a long hot bath. Write your business plan. Or join me in working out daily! Just make sure you’re investing as much time into caring for your own personal growth and the growth of your business/career as you would other things.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,



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