Change Your Perspective To Change Your Life

Good morning Damsels,
This week’s Transformation Tuesday is inspired by one of my favorite online coaches/podcasters Coach Theresa Campbell of Coach T (as she is affectionately called) recently invited her subscribers to spend the month of September focusing on the gift in everything. I (being the Damsel in distress I am) accepted the invitation!

…& Huuhnee! Leme tell you!

I’ve been unwrapping so many gifts its sent me into the Christmas Spirit Pre-maturely (I literally started shopping for Christmas gifts!) After only two weeks of this exercise, I’ve noticed a shift in my life. My days seem to be more productive, because I’ve begun to view challenges as opportunities rather than as obstacles. I’ve developed a cheery disposition! And not to mention: the practice of reflection is incredibly sobering!

This picture illustrates how I feel my life has changed.
I’ve realized I had the key to my happiness all along! The key was just a small shift! I simply had to realize that I had the power all along & apply it by changing my seat on the bus.

Since, I changed my seat on the bus, I’ve decided to join the ranks of serious bloggers I’ve welcomed the opportunity (read obstacle) of self-hosting!


So Damsels, are you willing change your seat on the bus? I challenge you to change your perspective & focus on the gifts in everything!

DamselDialogue: If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

Have a wonderful day & remember, no distress!


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