Taking Care Of the Woman Under The Cape

Hey Damsels! 

Its finally Sunday, the day of rest! But for many of us Superwomen, rest doesn’t fit into our hectic schedule. We can’t afford the luxury of deep couch sitting. Let alone time to appreciate our life or genuinely enjoy our family. We are too preoccupied with taking care of our houses, preparing for our work week, and if we are lucky, chasing after the kids. We find ourselves worried about any and everything but our own well being.

Life is not all smooth skies. Eventually you will hit turbulence. The stress of wearing our cape takes a toll. If we are not vigillent in taking care of ourselves we can find ourselves in an emergency situation. But even the stewardess advises you to “Place your own oxygen mask on before you help others”. Have you been putting on your own oxygen mask first?

Its ok to take sometime for yourself.

Here are 10 ways to take 10 mins or less to decompress & love on the woman under the cape.

1. Take a walk unplugged. Leave your phone at home or even at your desk and go for a short walk. While walking focus on the majesty of nature. Listen to the birds or just the sound of the city.
2. Meditate. For me, this is easier said than done. I often find myself thinking of the very things that stressed me out. In oder to focus on meditating, I have to pay extra special attention to something that is calming like being at an empty beach or even remembering the serenity of my unplugged walk.
3. Write a gratitude list. Get yourself a warm beverage & a clear sheet of paper. Then begin to write things you’re grateful for. If you have trouble with this. Start with “I am grateful for this day. I am grateful for waking up this morning. I am grateful for …” Taking a moment to appreciate the things you have can chang your perspective & help you to not only realize the glass is half full but also, be thankful for the glass, and the contents of the glass, and the table its on, and the light that allows you to see it.
4. Solo dance party. Never underestimate the power of music! Put on your favorite upbeat song and jam out like no one is watching! This is by far my favorite way to decompress & earn the cookie I will likely have with my next cup of coffee.
5. Massage yourself. Get some natural infused oil or lotion and massage your hands, neck or even your feet. While massaging go over in your head the things you are greatful for.
6. Yoga. I blame pinterest for my addiction to yoga. Its gotta be one of my healthier addictions that developed since joining Pinterest. If you’re yoggie novice, just put in the search “beginner yoga” or even try the 5 minute Sun Salutation. Make sure you hold your pose for a couple deep breaths.
7. Phone date a friend. A phone call with any of my gal pals always leaves me in higher spirits than when it started. Most of my girls are just as busy as I am so an unexpected call usually doesn’t pan out well. But when we schedule time to spend with each other (even when on the phone) we have a great time! We can vent about our stressors, pray, laugh & catch up with one another.
8. Keep a journal. Your journal can be ANYTHING you want it to be. Scriptues and quotes and how they apply to your life. Your feelings for the day. What you did that day. Your dreams. Your goals. Anything you want it to be. Just spend time alone with your pen & paper and keep consistent at it.
9. Read a book. Pick a book. Pick a cozy spot. Get comfortable & read! Just like music, something magic happens when you get lost in the pages of a book. My two favorite fiction books are The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.
10. Just laugh! Laughter is the best medicine for pain unseen. Youtube is infamous for videos of people falling and doing silly things & the perfect URL for a good belly laugh.

Whatever it is that allows you to breath again, take 10 minutes just for yourself and make a habbit of it!

Be bold.  Live out loud & as always remember,

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