Hey Ladies,

Remember how you used to ride your bike as a kid? How you would ride around for hours looking for the biggest hill to ride? Or how sometimes you had to walk your bike up, just to come FLYYING down the hill? And then how you would feel on the bike going down the hill seemingly at the speed of light, mildly terrified of the risk of falling off or worse getting hit by a car, but more excited at the fact that you could barely see because the world is zooming by too rapidly. But also feeling elated because you managed to get to the top of the big hill & you feel the wind in your hair and on your face & you KNOW when you go home your Mama gonna tell you you “smell like outside?”

Me too! Ok back from memory lane.

Imagine that same momentum being applied to your life! If you could go from a 12% effectiveness to 72% effectiveness with out making too much fuss.

What if I told you, you CAN have that momentum in your life & you’ve had it all along? All you need to get that momentum started are 3 small words (12 letters):

Actually, I Can.

Yes! Sweetie that is all you need to get the “biking down a baby mountain momentum” in your life. Engrain these 3 words in you and every time you have an obstacle pop up, a nasayer or back bighter, doubts, fear, etc. Answer them with, “Actually I Can!” Its that simple. Adapt this simple mantra and watch your life transform, watch your business begin to flourish. Watch your bike start moving down that hill!

Have a wonderful productive week ladies & remember NO DISTRESS!


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