The Evolution of Kar

Good Morning Damsels!

Todays post was supposed to be a transformation Tuesday post with side by side photos to show you how much weight I’ve lost. But truth is, it aint what its “post to be”. Not all transformations can be seen by the naked eye. Late last night I was up writing & I realized, the woman I am today is a total stranger to who I was just a year ago!

Instead of a narcissistic post on how much my waist has shrunken, I choose instead to pause and thank my Lord & Savior for the transformation within. To publicly aknowledge that it was HE who has seen me through it &1 to the woman I am today.

With that I leave with this quote…

If for 1 moment you take your eyes off of your bright future, it should only be to see how far you have come!   #transformationtuesday


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