Weekly Challenge: #likeaboss

Good Morning Damsels & Happy Monday!

Welcome to another week of challenges & deadlines, of triumphs & sucess! This week I challenge you to take on all of your tasks LIKE A BOSS! However that may manifest in your life.

If anything blogging has taught me is to plan like my life depends on it, treat everything like a priority & allow space and time for deviations from my plans!

Once planning is done just like an awesome jump shot, you gotta follow through! Nothing is accomplished simply by mapping out your plans, you’ve gotta actually DO SOMETHING! Follow through, hit submit, actually take a step to reaching your goals! 

Take this week like a boss ladies & share your photos with me on istagram with thenhashtag #DamselInCharge. If you haven’t already follow me follow @_damselnodistress


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