Paycheck Hack: Make Every Friday Pay Day!

its financial freedom Friday again! 

Many people get paid today and breath a sigh of relief. Only to be stressed again on Wednesday realizing there are 9 more days ’til that feeling of relief returns. (If you did not get paid today, hang in there your relief is coming!) I can TOTALLY relate to the feeling of anxiety around being paid/not being paid & feeling as if you just CAN NOT the day before or days leading up to receiving your paycheck! Truthfully now that I am self-employed I feel that stress even more because my pay isn’t as frequent which requires A LOT more discipline. Enough ’bout me and my “self-employed blues”.

When I was working a 9-5 I made a life hack? Did a life hack? Ehh, not sure which one of those to use but you get the point here. To prevent myself from feeling the despair of waiting for my next direct deposit here is what I did to MAKE EVERY FRIDAY PAYDAY:

Make a budget: Do we really have to go over the importance of a budget again? I wrote about it here & HERE. Need to #GetYourFinancialLife? I’ve scoured the internet,

CASH OOOOWT: Each and every FRIDAY I go to my friendly neighborhood financial institution and take out enough cash to last me the week. This withdraw includes money for tithes/offering, groceries, and pocket change.**Its important to note when I do my budget & my financial planning meeting,  I determine ALL my spending FOR THE MONTH and divide by the number of weeks to determine how much my withdraw will be.

Stop Spending.: If  I run out of money during the week I simply stop spending. I don’t charge it. I don’t borrow from myself. I don’t write a check and hope for the best. I. Simply. Stop. Spending. Money. This I have to admit is difficult, but honestly, it gives me peace of mind, knowing my next pay will be Friday; no matter what my employer says!

Bonus Tip: Sow Before You Spend: I truthfully believe I’ve managed to stay afloat and out of the poor house not by my ingenious hacks or financial handling skills but because of His grace and mercy! It is only through Him that Sprint has not cut my phone off just yet from the 999,543rd failed payment arrangement. No matter what my income is just like Uncle Sam takes a cut before I spend it. I pay my Father and sow into the Lord’s house before a single dime is spent!

Do you have a money management hack you would like to share? What has worked or has not worked for you? I would love to hear from you! Tweet me by following this link.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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