Dream a Little Bigger Darling!

Oh hey there beautiful!

Thanks for tuning in for another weekly challenge. This weeks challenge is to dream a little bigger!

I’ve been afforded the privilege of growing up with wonderful yes parents. [Hi Mom! Hi Dad!] By “yes parents” I don’t mean they gave me everything I wanted, I mean, they never said no to my dreams. They were parents who encouraged creativity, thinking outside of the box and entrepreneurship. For our punishments, they would take away television, and assign book reports. In retrospect, turning the television off and getting lost in a book was not much of a punishment because I grew to love reading.

In addition, my parents never put limitations on us or told us we could not do things whenever we dared to dream out loud. When I declared as an 8-year old, “I want to be a Super Model-Astronaut-Teacher-Business Woman.” it was totally an attainable dream.

Even to this day, my yes parents make outlandish suggestions of career choices I might try. Not sure if this is because A.) they believe in me that much or B.) they are checking to see if I’ve got a full grip on reality. Either way, they’ve never gotten in the way of my dreams, have always encouraged me to push forward and never tried to push their agenda on me nor live through me!


I realize however that my experience was not the norm. As a result of my mischevious childhood, I’ve spent hours with my nose stuck in a book growing my imagination. So I am taking a page out of my parents’ book this week & I want to encourage you to stretch your reality! Dream as big as far & as wide as you can set your mind to. Write down your big bold goals and remember: THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!

Have a wonderful week dreaming Damsels!

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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One thought on “Dream a Little Bigger Darling!

  1. Thx, I needed to hear this. Even at my age I am still dreaming those bodacius, outlandish, ‘have you lost your mind’ dreams. I believe that there is nothing we can’t achieve – if we have a purpose, a plan and passion. I’m going for it! Your parents were pretty awesome!


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