Revisit New Years Resolution

Happy Monday & Welcome to another week to tackle your goals!

This week’s challenge is to revisit your New Year’s Resolution. Studies have show that most people abandon their NYR by February 1st. Okay I know this is true but idk which study or where just trust me on this. But really think about it, have you ever been to the gym on January 7th versus February 7th or how about July 7th? There are still very few people who actually stick to their NYR when July rolls around!

New Year’s Resolutions 2015:

  1. Go Vegan
  2. Save $2400
  3. Write daily for my blog


I’ve truthfully revisited my resolutions & lets just say… I was in the majority. My vegan lifestyle lasted just 3 weeks, my savings account isn’t nearly halfway to my goal & I do not write in my blog daily. But upon revisiting I’ve refocused on my goals and I’ve adjusted my sails! My New Resolution is: To develop habits physically, spiritually & financially healthy. I started saving $20 plus my change whenever I go to the grocery store. (not as effective as saving $200 monthly but every small drop makes the ocean right?) As far as writing daily? I don’t write daily but every day I do something for my blog/business; sometimes that means reading and learning, connecting with other bloggers or writing/planning.

So Damsels, how well  or poor are you doing with your resolutions? Have you too had to adjust your sails? Have a productive week ladies.


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