Weekly Challenge: Go On A Solo Adventure

Hi My name is Kay and I LOVE to go places and do things alone! If you’ve ever had the priviledge of meeting me in person, GO YOU! YOU’RE LUCKY! (NAPOLEON DYNOMITE VOICE). I AM PRETTY DARN AWESOME! Actually, I am an extroverted introvert. I love people when I feel like it but dislike being bothered or taken out of my comfort zone.

Two years ago I found myself single and living alone in a GREAT City. I didn’t know very many people and I was afraid to venture out alone. As a result, I never got to experience that great city. When I moved back to my hometown, I vowed to rediscover it & because I was more comfortable with the city, I would take different adventures… alone.

The first place I went was the Music and Wine Festival, because I was the lucky recipient of comp tickets from my employer. None of my girlfriends were available to enjoy the festival however I wasn’t going to let free tickets go to waste. The Festival was an all day affair! I drank wine and danced my head off, even made a few friends for the day. But the most memorable part of the day was, that I went alone…. And loved it!

Kay at the Music & Wine Fest

The following month I took me and myself on an educational date in Philadelphia. We wandered around the Historic Penn’s Landing learning about African Americans during The Revolution, in and out of FREE museums and people watched.  At the end of the day I found myself exhausted from walking in circles all day but completely satisfied because I spent an entire day in the sun, learning and alone but not lonely. The most interesting part of that trip, was that I only had to speak two or three times all day; once to pay the bus fair, another to ask for directions and the third time was ordering my lunch.’

Kay at National Constitution Center

This week I challenge you to take a solo adventure. If it’s not something you do this week make a commitment to complete this challenge this summer. Try dinner or lunch alone, a museum or a concert, even a movie would be fun solo! Whatever you do just go and go it alone. You’ll be surprised at how good of company you can be!

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