Date Yourself

Hi, I am Kae and I enjoy dating myself. 

If you’ve ever had the privilege of meeting me in person, YOU’RE LUCKY! (NAPOLEON DYNOMITE VOICE). I am a pretty darn awesome extroverted introvert; I love meeting new people and learning from them, but I also need my alone time.

In 2013,  I found myself single and living alone in Trenton, NJ. I didn’t know very many people and I was afraid to venture out alone. As a result, I never got to experience all that the city had to offer. Now that I have moved back to my hometown, I vowed to rediscover it. But getting my friends to come to a museum with me on a Saturday morning wasn’t exactly their idea of fun. So you know what I did? I just go alone!

The first date I took myself on was The Dauphin County Music & Wine Festival. I was the lucky recipient of complimentary tickets from my employer and I kid you not, NONE of my girlfriends were available to enjoy the festival with me. Do you think I was going to let my free tickets go to waste and possibly miss out on an awesome event? HECK NO! My dolo-date at the festival was everything! I spent the entire day outside, drank wine, danced my head off, made a few friends and best of all I got to enjoy some dope music. But the most memorable part of the day was the feeling of independence. It takes a strong woman to go on an adventure alone & yet. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to attend that festival.


The following month I took me and myself on an educational dolo-date to Philadelphia. We wandered around Historic Penn’s Landing learning about African-Americans during The Revolution, in and out of FREE museums and people watched.  At the end of the day, I found myself exhausted from walking in circles but completely satisfied because I spent an entire day learning and alone with my thoughts. Surprisingly, never lonely. I only had to speak three times all day; once to pay bus fare, another to ask for directions and the third time was ordering my lunch. Can you talk about PEACE?!

I challenge you to take yourself on a date. Try dinner or lunch alone, a museum or a concert, even a movie would be fun solo! Whatever you do just go and go it alone. You’ll be surprised at how good company you can be!

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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