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Good Morning Damsels!


I’ve been gone for minute now I’m back with the jumpoff!

😂😂 Figured I would start your Friday with some retro Lil Kim lyrics & some fresh ideas on saving a few bucks. In your quest to financial freedom, living frugally shouldn’t have to be a party foul! Below are tips on living frugally without losing your sanity or your sexy.

1. The Dollar Store is a Gold Mine!

Let’s be real, who enjoys spending their hard earned money on things that are just going to get thrown away? When I go to the Dollar Store I rack up on cleaning supplies, garbage bags, food storage containers and holiday decorations. I’ve also recently started a garden (more on that later) which most of the supplies I purchased from the Dollar Store!

2. Brown Bags Are Sexy!

On average how much do you spend on eating out? The average American spends about $20 a week eating out for lunch. (Found that In a Forbes Article here). When I began my commitment to improving my financial situation, one of the easiest ways I started saving money I set a budget of only $20 for ALL Recreational Eating (if that isn’t a term I am making it one and it means food I didn’t cook in my kitchen).

3. Stop Paying ATM/Bank Fees

ATM & Bank fees can easily be avoided. World Stop. Carry On If you find yourself agreeing to the ATM fees here is a horifying fact; often your financial institution charges you on top of the visiting institution’s charges. May I suggest finding a branch en route to your destination or getting in the habit of taking out enough cash for 1 week so you don’t to keep returning to pull out cash? Another way to avoid bank fees, is keep track of checks written & how much you’ve swiped your debit card.
Bonus Tip: You can also set up overdraft protection with a savings account at the same financial institution.

4. DIY Your Mani/Pedi Girl!

Not sure what your local salon costs but my former biweekly mani/pedi/brow visits cost me about $60 including the tip. Instead of this $120 monthly habit I go to the salon every other month and DIY my mani/pedi at home. #DIYFTW

5. Go Thrifting!

THIS IS MY FAVORITE FRUGAL TIP! I absolutely love thrifting! I’ve found countless gems for my wardrobe at thrift stores even nice pieces of flatware for my kitchen. A good eye and creativity are needed for thrifting. Take your time and look at EVERYTHING! I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Below are photos of me in pieces I’ve found at thrift stores.



Thrift Store Wardrobe Finds

6. Stop Paying Late Fees

I have to admit, one of the silliest thing I’ve done/do is pay a bill a day or 2 late and incure a late fee. These fees range any where from $2 to $25. No matter the fee, its money that could’ve been saved and/or put to better use. My suggestion is to stop paying ontop of your bills. If you can’t pay the bill when you receive it in the mail, get a calendar and mark which days your bills are due that way you have a visual reminder.

7. Pay Your Rent In Advance

This will take some negotiating but it is always worth a try. Ask your landlord if you can have a discount or a free month for paying your rent in advance. Think 6 or 9 months at a time.

8. Bike Or Walk For Close Trips

Good old fashion Damsel-Powered-Transportation is the most beneficial! Just think you get to where you are going and you get a little work out! Bike or walk to your destination for anything that is within 3 or 4 miles. (Or 1 or 2 depending on your fitness level.) Your heart will thank you & so will your wallet!

9. Review Your Bills And Accounts For Errors

I’ve learned in age that I have to double check all of my bills and bank statements for errors so each month at my Financial Planning Meeting (more on that here). I review all of my statements for error. Once I caught a double charge from a restaurant I am assuming happened because I left a tip on my card. I’ve also caught a reoccuring charge on my cellphone bill for a service I no longer had need for. Either way blindly paying your bills could leave you shelling out cash you could be stashing for a rainy day. #TrustNoFinancialInstitute to double check their own work!

10. Store Brand Is OK

I used to think Jiff Peanutbutter and Namebrand Cereal tasted better than the storebrand but honestly the only difference is the packaging and the name. Now whenever there is a store brand option I will buy it; so long as the price per unit is same or less and the calories / active ingredients are comparable.

I sincerely hope these tips helped you in your quest to #GetYourFinnancialLife! If you feel led, drop me a line and share if you have tips of your own!

No Distress!

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