You Don’t Need Permission


Good Morning Damsels!

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Start an online business? Start or join a club? But didn’t know if you were allowed to?

I have too! I was apprehensive  about starting my blog because I didn’t know if I was allowed to blog. I figured you needed some sort of validation, degree, writing certificate something right? Shortly after beginning my research, I realized all it took was a few clicks on the computer and BAM! My baby was born on a brisk night on October. I am still extremely  apprehensive about writing on certain topics but mostly about how I address my position at my blog, what is my title/company name?  How do I become Founder/CEO/Editor In Chief?

A great friend of mine recomended I read  What I  Wish I  Knew When I was Twenty By Tina Seelig and I admit I downloaded the audio book bc I don’t have time to read right now. But Ive listened to it twice in the past 3 days. In the book there is a story of a girl whose father worked in corporate America.  He started out in an entry level position and slowly worked his way to  Senior Executive Vice President. When this girl started her business she had business cards printed and was pleased to share them with her father. He was nearly mortified he read the card & his inexperienced daughter’s job title read “President.”  bc he felt she couldn’t just start calling herself that she would need to wait for someone else to.

The lesson here is the exact opposite. YOU DONT NEED TO WAIT FOR PERMISSION. You don’t need permission to follow your dreams! So whatever it is that you want to do whether it’s go on a cross county road trip, start your own gourmet cupcake business (seriously if you are I love cupcakes) or train for a 5k race don’t wait for someone to validate you just START!

Today I pledge to take ownership of my fate & unapologetically chase my dreams!

Will you pledge with me?

No Distress Ladies,

Founder/CEO of

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