You Don’t Need Permission

Hey Damsels!

A great friend of mine recently recommended I read What I  Wish I  Knew When I was Twenty By Tina Seelig and I admit I downloaded the audiobook instead of actually picking up the book to read it. But it was so moving, I’ve listened to it twice in one week. In the book, there is a story of a Damsel whose father worked in corporate America.  He started out in an entry-level position and slowly worked his way to  Senior Executive Vice President. When the Damsel in the story finished college, she started her business and naturally had business cards printed. She was excited to share her new business cards with her father. But he was mortified when he read the card his inexperienced daughter handed with the job title “President” on it.

But her father’s inability to see her as the President of her own company did not change her position within it.

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Start an online business? Start or join a club? Run a marathon? Go on a vacation by yourself? As someone on a date? Quit your job and try your hand at entrepreneurialship? Of just got on an adventure? But didn’t know where to begin or if you could go it alone? Or worse confided your dream in someone you trusted and they shot it down? I have too!

I was apprehensive about starting my blog because I didn’t know if I was qualified enough to blog. I figured you needed some sort of validation, degree, writing certificate or something. Shortly after beginning my research, I realized all it took was a few clicks on the computer and BAM! My baby was born on a brisk night in October. Read my first post here. I am still was even apprehensive about writing on certain topics. The thing I was most anxious about: How to address my position on my blog? What is my title in my own company? Much like the Damsel in the story, I didn’t want to be overconfident. AM I a CEO? How do I become an actual Editor In Chief or Publisher of a Site? The answer is what I really wish I knew when I was twenty-something: You just do it!


So whatever it is that you want to do whether it’s go on a cross-country road trip, start your own gourmet cupcake business or train for a marathon don’t wait for someone to validate you, JUST DO! Just START! Go after your dreams!

Join me in the pledge to take ownership of your fate!

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


Kay Founder/CEO of

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