Good Morning Damsels!

How many times have you had to restart a pledge you’ve made to improve yourself or your life? How many years do you have the same New Year’s Resolutions? How many times will you have to restart a savings plan? A diet? An exercise plan? I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve vowed I would stop eating fast food & then find myself in a drive-thru ordering chicken nuggets because, “Its healthier than a burger” (its only ridiculous now that I am admitting it and hitting publish)

But WHAT really sets us apart for those who finish? Who actually reach their goal? Why is it that you can’t get past week two? Why is it that you somehow forget or make an excuse around day 10?

The difference is CONSISTENCY!


  1. Its important to the first thing you must do is forget about all the times your plan didn’t work.
  2. Next, decide that failure is not an option. Half of the battle really is in your head!
  3. Now set yourself up for success! Write your goal down where it can be visited daily.
  4. Finally find an accountability partner.

I recently had dinner with my mentor and she asked me, “Are you willing to be better than your good?” This stuck with me! It made me think to all the things I’ve written down as a goal but have not followed through to meet or reach. It reminded me to push myself and keep at it.

What is it that you want to accomplish this year Damsels? It is NEVER too late to start working toward your goals! We ALL know you can only start a diet or exercise plan on a Monday but everything else is pretty much fair game! TODAY IS AS GOOD A TIME TO START AS ANY!

How will you work toward your goals? What is it that you will work on DAILY to become a better you? I would love to hear from you!

** I recently wrote an article on Committing To Your Savings Plan** 

No Distress Ladies!


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