Success: A Journey or a Destination?


How do you describe success? Is it a journey that one follows en route to reaching their dreams with a destination as vague as its definition? Or is success the destination of a journey as complex as those individuals bold enough to chase after and believe in it?

Instead of pondering the conundrum of the definition of success, the founding father of Yoga, Patanjali, was quoted saying,

Intense and sincere.  Intense and sincere?  Intense and Sincere!

BiG Brother G ( defines the word intense as “(an) extreme force, degree, or strength“. The word sincere is defined as, “free from pretense, deceit or proceeding from genuine feelings.

Perhaps the most adequate depiction of success explores something that is tangible, one’s self, versus attempting to explain something fluid as success is. By shifting the focus from the variable of success to the constant that is self, one may draw closer to understanding the variable. (Did we not learn this in Algebra Class? Bottom to the top then drop right?!)

By focusing on the tree one may get a better understanding of the forest.

But what exactly does the tree tell us? The tree tells us that it is a FORCE to be reckoned with. But not just any old force we are talking EXTREME FORCE. Ya know what I mean, the kind they name tropical storms after. The kind that makes the headline news! The kind of force worth writing home to mama about! (Too many analogies? too bad! I had my Wheaties for breffis!)

Not only is the tree in the success forest a force, it is one that has conviction, its clear and concise, to the point and direct. This tree can communicate to all the other trees and anyone else who cares to inquire WHY its in the forest. It also understands the purpose of it being in the success forest, who it serves, why it serves and how it serves its purpose.

I said ALL THAT to tell you to BE THE TREE WHILE DEFINING THE FOREST! Develop yourself into the extreme force to be reckoned with! You do not have to determine today whether success is a journey or a destination. You don’t need all the answers today! Today just focus on being the tree, getting as close to success as possible. Become a force worthy of making headline news! Develop unshakable conviction to the point where it becomes YOUR TRUTH.

There are thousands of seeds out there that can build a forest of success but only YOU decide what your forest looks like and what kind of tree you will be today!

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


3 thoughts on “Success: A Journey or a Destination?

  1. Your analogies had me smiling; definitely think you should continue eating your wheaties lol. It was interesting read that kept me reading. Thumbs up!


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