From How? To Success!

Chao Damsels!

Have you decided to be successful this year? Have you taken time to discover what it will take you to get there? On the road to success there are many obstacles but often times the biggest obstacle is our inability to prepare. Take a few moments to WRITE your strategies to success by answering the simple question: How?

But don’t stop there. Keep asking “How?” until you’ve completely exhausted yourself with answers.

If your goal is to lose 25 lbs the first answer to your How will be eat right and exercies. Next questions would be: How will you eat right? How will you excercise? How will you prepare your meals? How often will you eat? How often will you excercise? How will you run? How many squats, pushups, planks and bicep curls will you do? How often will you weigh yourself? Get the picture?

Now that we’ve got the logistics out of the way, go back and look at the answers to all those questions.

Do you see your strategy yet?

But the strategy won’t work if you won’t! So ladies, today is the day you do the work! 

& as always remember,


3 thoughts on “From How? To Success!

  1. Great post Kar. So many people fail when it comes to their resolutions because they only come up with a goal, but no means to make it happen. There’s this great free app called Productivity wizard, that not only asks about your goals, but forces you to think about your action plans, progress, and why those goals are important to you.

    And with that, I will say one of my goals for 2015 is to master my standing split. My strategy is to stretch 4 days a week to increase flexibility.


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