Voter’s Challenge!

Hi Damsels!

This blog was founded for women like us. I wanted to create a place where we could literally talk about any and everything without concern of code-switching. Including politics.

Today is Midterm Election Day!

According to studies, most American’s do not participate in midterm elections. Although we are not voting for The President of The United States, this electoral round, there are still a lot of important issues at stake with today’s election. This election (like all elections) is SUPER IMPORTANT! Keep reading to learn more.

This week’s challenge is to use your voter’s privilege!

If you slept through the past 3 months here is a recap of what is at stake at the midterm elections taking place on today.










What’s At Stake This Election

  1. 36 State Governors
  2. 35 U.S. Senate Seats; of those 14 are held by Republicans and 21 are held by Democrats.(If you are in Delaware, North Carolina or New Jersey you will be voting on this!)
  3. 158 ballot questions on 42 statewide ballots including constitutional questions regarding pre-trial detention of persons in a criminal case (New Jersey) and an accused person waiving their right to trial by jury and instead be tried by a judge (North Carolina).
  4. Keep in mind some states have voter identification requirements!
    You can check your state’s election office to determine which/if any documentation you need to bring with you to vote.

Am I Registered? Where Do I Vote?

Don’t sit out of this election. Be the change you wish to see in your community by using your electoral voice and voting today.

If you need assistant verifying your registration status or locating your polling place, visit and enter your name, address, and date of birth.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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