My 3 Halloween Costumes!

Good, Better, Best is my Halloween CostumeAs the month of October comes to an end, the Susan G. Komen hype dies down, and the kids are crashing from trick-or-treating, the final sha bang is Halloween where costume wearing is acceptable of kids of all ages. I personally have never been a fan of Halloween (except when I was in college and wanted an excuse to wear next to nothing, chug beer and dance w random coeds.) Instead of putting on a costume or plastic mask why not stand out and be self confident, the change the world needs or even the best version of yourself for Halloween?

No More Self Doubt:
Be gentle with yourself and really  examine all you’ve accomplished in the past year & how much you have grown. Are there places you want to improve? How can you improve? Celebrate the best thing that makes you you! Why dress up like a vampire or be a half-naked maid when you can put on your favorite dress and heels that stops traffic? When someone asks you what your dressed up as (because, lets face it… they will) you can put on your fancy face and respond with your full name in the fanciest accent you can muster!

Make a difference:
I could probably write an entire series on things that need improving in my neighborhood and city. But what can you do today to help be the change? What ripple of cause and effect can you begin today? You can start by simply smiling at strangers and saying Hello; Or you can even go as far as paying for someone’s latte when you stop for your afternoon fix. Your ripple  need not be a huge act of kindness that gets you invited to the white house, it can be a small/simple gesture that shares your love for humanity. So if you’re like me and not a fan of dressing up for Halloween and simply want to enjoy your evening in plain clothes when someone asks you what you are for Halloween because they see you wearing a genuine smile, you can say with all the gusto of Captain America, “I’m a humanitarian.” (Because really aren’t we all?)*

*I googled the word ‘humanitarian‘ to make sure this sentence actually made sense & the definition of humanitarian is a person concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. So yea, you CAN be a humanitarian for Halloween and not buy an actual costume! #winning

Good, Better, Best!
How many of your goals have you accomplished this year? How have you grown in the past month? What did you learn? In the past 31 days, whose life have you impacted? Not having answers to these questions may mean you aren’t living life to its fullest potential or you’re not being honest about who yourself. Either way November starts tomorrow & its the perfect opportunity to start over. No need to wait for New Year’s Resolutions, start your New Month’s Resolutions!

Before the month is over take some time and write down 4 thing you want to work on improving next month!

And if, or should I say when, someone asks what you are for Halloween you can tell them “I’m better than yesterday but not as good tomorrow.” Aside from receiving a blank stare, the act confessing this puts your expextations out and prepares your subconscious to start working towards this improvement.

So what say you Damsels? How will you end October? What will you be for Halloween?

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