Fool Proof Formula for Success


Hola Damsels!

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday I’m sharing on of the VERY FIRST  posts from Damsel’s Facebook Page. It was published on September 30th, 2014. Finding this image / quote on Pinterest was the straw that broke the camels back! I just couldn’t postpone my blogging dreams any longer, I HAD to go after them.

Exactly 9 days later, the very first Damsel blog post:  Love Thyself was published!10676293_1494304807486164_4914321489196195035_n

Fool proof formula for success!

1. Set your goals high! Not so high that you can’t reach them but high enough to make you stretch out of your comfort zone to reach them. When you’re setting your goals, keep in mind, if they don’t scare you they aren’t big enough!

2. Pursue it fervently. Fervent pursuit is not working some days when you get time or when you feel like it and nothing else is on tv. Fervent pursuit is dedicating at least 1 hour to  your dream a day! Its getting lost researching the market. Its investing in the proper photo editing software. Fervent pursuit is with passion and intensity

a. Work hard. Never ever never stop moving towards your dreams! After all if you stop working for your own dreams someone else will hire you to work towards theirs! 

b. Stay focused. Many times we set a goal and figure out we’ve gotta dedicate at least 3 hours to it each day. But after a week or so, we get side tracked with obstacles & road blocks or simply lose steam and stop working towards our goals. That won’t be you, not this time. This time it will be different!

3. Stack your SQUAD  Having people around you to love and support you required! Having people around you while your broke, malnourish, exhuasted from not sleeping & hangry is CRUCIAL! Especially on days you get beat up and want to throw in the towel. No one succeeds alone. Even the Messiah had His Disciples!

dream + (work x focus) + squad = SUCCESS

I’m sure you’ve identified your goals, and taken inventory of  your squad, but how bout now you check your focus. Are you dedicating time and energy to reach your goals? Are you being faithful to your cause. As you take inventory of these things.

& as always remember,


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