Follow Your Heart’s Desires!

Greetings Damsels!

I recently moved into a beautiful old home built in 1916 which I LOVE in all its rustic glory! My only issue is the itty bitty closet space. Actually, in comparison to the size of the house the closet spaces are quite disrespectful. When I moved in I decided the adjacent room to mine will be converted to a walk-in closet; But I thought it was too big & too expensive a project to do it myself. So for months, I settled for an inexpensive & easy to assemble clothing rack and used hooks to hang, store and organize my wardrobe.

Weeks after settling, the clothing rack tipped over and one of the hooks all but ripped out of the wall & all because I wouldn’t get off my butt & go after what I wanted.

Determined to start my week out right, I woke up Sunday Morning and went straight to the hardware store! Omar helped me find an “easy to install” solution to my problem. With the help of my sista friend, we installed the new closet rack then did a premature victory lap around my new custom closet.

You know that warm gushy feeling you get when you realize you’re new closet has upgraded to Beyoncé-level excellence when it used to be Michelle? Well that all flushed out when I came home to my newly installed closet on the floor! My closet was more like LaTavia Roberson. I couldn’t even recognize it!

So back to the drawing board & the hardware store. This time I purchased, quality tools. Also, since its gonna be Beyoncé, I needed to go it alone, so I took on the project SOLO.

My closet is now better than the knee of ANY BEE you’ve ever come across!

Through it all I learned to go for what my heart desires, even if it all comes crashing down, not to accept defeat, always return to the drawing board (or hardware store) for better options and to go for it again!

results action image

What is it that your heart desires? What is it that you really, really want? What is stopping you from obtaining it?


I challenge you to do something you promised yourself you would!

& as always remember,


3 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart’s Desires!

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! Im going for it! I had just quit and taken my will back. Just in the knick of time, im back on track! BOW DOWN, someone should’ve told you that I’m a SURVIVOR!


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