How To Reach Success

Hello Damsels!

In the previous post I shared one of the secrets to Beyonce’s massive empire is the team of successful women behind her.  In fact, I believe, Beyonce wouldn’t be a household name had it not been for her Squad (#LongLiveDC3). Writing about her career lead me to explore what success looks like to a regular-degular Damsel like myself and how to get there.

3 simple steps to reach success.

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step 1. Believe you can.

If you have a lofty idea of success like: being entirely self employed by age 35; I can honestly say, you will never reach your idea of success if you don’t believe its attainable. Your thoughts become your reality so think positively and believe in yourself. If you need help believing in yourself, start practicing daily affirmations. Look in the mirror and say with conviction, that you will reach your goals. **bonus points if you can put a deadline on there**

step 2. Next make a plan.

Making a plan is much easier than you think. Start by writing down your goal. Then break each goal down into small attainable steps. Ask yourself questions like: What can I do this week to get closer to my goal? How can I differentiate my dream? How do you I become a success? What is the next step? How will I measure success? These mini-goals then become the ‘road map’ to success. If you ever get side tracked, or if you fail at one of the mini goals remember to fail forward. Don’t let the situation get the best of you; learn from it grow and keep pushing towards your end goal.

step 3. Take action.

Yea, yea, yea.. I know, you  believe you can be self employed by 35 (step 1) and  I am even glad you’ve got your business plan mapped out (step 2). But you will never reach your goal if you don’t take action. Your plan is only effective if you work it.

to build your empire: believe, plan & take action.

Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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2 thoughts on “How To Reach Success

    1. Hi Ellie, I find that very interesting possibly because of how we are socialized to believe and understand what success is. My mom told me when I was a kid if anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up my response was always “A wife and mother”

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