3 Key Players You Need To Succeed

Hello Damsels!

Today’s post is about how integral your squad is to your success. In particular we will use Beyonce as a case study. She is the Damsel who seems to have it ALL. In addition to being a music mogul, fashion icon, and performing powerhouse; Queen King Bey is a wife, mother and **eh hem** billionaire business woman. But have you noticed, the women around her HAVE IT ALL TOO?! I mean, there is Momma Tina, Solange, Michelle, Kelly, shoot … even Baby Blu is a Dominating Damsel in the making. Every-one of the women in Bey’s squad is killing it in her own right! Not to mention she’s married to a  man who is a billionaire himself.

Although Beyonce caught some slack for ditching her girl group at the top of their game. If we’ve learned anything from the recent DC3 Reunion at Bey-Chella 2018: her SQUAD is crucial to her success. 

It is nearly impossible to reach your goals without having positive people in your life. One of the secrets about making it to the top or manifesting your idea of success is, the depth of your squad. How can you accomplish much without having at least one person to encourage, inspire, push, coach, finance or teach you?! I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had before I had the courage to finally hit publish on my first blog post.

3 Key Players to Beyonce's Success | DamselNODistress.com
A Positive Squad Means A Positive Life

3 Key Players You Need To Succeed:

1. A Mother: Someone who literally thinks you piss glitter!  (YES! Yes mom I did use a kids cuss word and publish it on the internet for the world to see!) This person is your number 1 fan! In their eyes you can do no wrong. They encourage you and believe you can do anything you set your mind to. This person sees infinite possibilities in you despite your countless failures. She loves you through your flaws and knows you better than you know you. Beyonce’s Mama Tina gives us ALL LIFE! 

2. A Chuckie: If you are the Tommy of your team, essentially the leader, then you need a friend who is there to say: I don’t know; maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”  Some people see this person’s statement as negative; but it actually makes you RE-THINK your idea and justify it. Are you an ‘act now, learn later’ type of person like myself?  Do you get an idea and want to just run with it full steam? If so, your Chuckie is instrumental to your success because they are there to reel you back in when you get lost in The Land of Possibilities or distracted by the next big goal. Beyonce’s Chuckie is Solange

3. A Co-Pilot: Your co-pilot is your mirror. She will reflect your enthusiasm and not only buy into but also sow into your vision. You can rely on this person to take a risk with you and you can depend on them to run the show in the event of your absence. Beyonce’s Co-Pilot is her husband Jay-Z.

Positive Squad Positive Life| DamselNODistress.comDo an inventory of your team and determine if you have these 3 key players. Are there any people on your team who are not serving a purpose? 

Simply identifying the members on your team means nothing if you don’t utilize them correctly. In order to be a success like, Beyonce, you have to make sure the people on your squad are serving a purpose. Don’t be afraid to let things/people go. Sometimes you have to isolate to elevate. Your squad  will understand you need space to grow.

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Be bold. Live out loud & as always remember,


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