Love Thyself!

Hello Damsels!

da VISION I decided to start a blog to inspire women to be the Damsel who bodly goes into the world and leaves her mark. I want to encourage Damsels to not only be the strongest, but also the most influential and the most beautiful both inside and out!

da BACKSTORY The idea for my blog was born from a wine filled night binge watching ratchet tv shows and spending quality time with my sista friend. Somehow we ended up in a deep conversation as we bonded over the similar mistakes we make as the protagonists of our favorite shows. We baffled at how blatant the mistakes were in hindsight and we bonded over our shared struggles through the consequences. After spillin our guts, crying, laughing, and hugging it out we realized we felt lighter and free-er after just talking about it. We felt encouraged simply becuase we knew someone else was going through similar struggles as us. And so the I wondered, what if everyone else is struggling and they too just aren’t brave enough to talking about it? How can I help?

da GOAL To provide an online sanctuary for Damsels to meet and dicuss issues that affect us. Where no issue we face is off the table. To connect with Damsels through various social media channels.

Love yourself first!
da OATH My sistafriend and I realized the root of all our issues was in our lacked of selfworth. Simply put, we forgot to value ourselves. We forgot to focus on our dreams and not on the opinions of others. We forgot to place our values in ourselves instead of in our relationships and we focused too much engergy on things that were not getting us closer to our dreams. My sistafriend and I took an oath that day to always love ourselves first because that would resolve the majority of our problems. 

"The strongest Action for a woman is to LOVE herself"
“The strongest Action for a woman is to LOVE herself”
After we took the oath we then had to learn to love ourselves. Learning to love yourself first is one of the most important lessons we must learn as women. Indeed, everything we accomplish is affected by our self worth.

So today and everyday Damsels, appreciate the Goddess staring back at you when you look yourself in the mirror. Accept who you are, where you have been and where you are going in your life. If there is something you don’t like, CHANGE IT. But if there is something you do love, but someone else doesn’t change your perspective + kick them to the curb!

Be bold. Live out loud. & as always remember,


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